A.Lalithmaba- Poem on efloraofindia to celebrate 15 years of its completion on 17.6.22:


The mighty river of EFI began like a tiny stream

In the sacred mind of Garg ji to realise the dream

Many great streams like Dinesh ji, Gurucharan ji

Merged to add vigour and colour to the flow

Many a mighty and tiny flow began to join the row

Thus it fertilises, satiates many inquisitive minds

Without any returns; lovers of plant world find

This fertile land to explore to tour to their choice

To rejoice, gain something with or without thanks

It is like sacred monument built with the souls

Of plant lovers scientists and students from hills

Of Himalayas to coast of Indian Ocean from western

Desert region to eastern fertile region of this land

Since the flow has completed 15 years of journey

Gathered more than three thousand people

Stored more than 14000 plant species in the crest

Without any selfish monetary transactions

The most pleasant thing is the purity of thought

Nobility in actions modesty in behaviour

Made it a holy place to roam to visit to enjoy!

It is Ever Flowing Independent Indian blood for good!

– Written by A. Lalithamba ji

It is priceless, Lalithamba ji.
Kudos for your great skills.

Beautiful poem, Lalithamba ji!
The 15-year journey of eFI is well-depicted and condensed into 20+ lines…so in-depth and powerful!!

I request members to pl. circulate it widely in other groups, on their Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter account etc., to give wide publicity, to celebrate 15 years of coming completion.

Excellent analysis of entire team in poetry format, each and every line is meaningful

Posted it on efloraofindia Facebook account

Also posted on the Indian Flora facebook group, of which I am a member.

Wonderfully penned. Beautiful words. Thanks very much Lalithamba ji.

Very nice poem, Lalithamba ji.

Published on efloraofindia at

Concise and compact ! Excellent !

Superb.. Very nice poem, Lalithamba ji.

thank you … and all those who like it

Beautiful poem Lalithamba Ji, it is so descriptive

Very beautiful sentiments. 🙏
“Ever flowing independent Indian blood for good”

Beautiful expression of sentiments Lalithamba Ji..

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