Dinesh Valke: Best Flora Photograph to celebrate 15 years of completion of efloraofindia:
Little is charming

Getting to explore flora during family vacation has always been rewarding to me. Whatever I get, however little, is charming. This March’22, I was in Sikkim. I was able to add around 40 new species to my collection. Sikkim is well-known for rhododendrons, I am posting a picture of rhododendrons.

March 7, 2022 … Plant Conservatory, Bulbuley, Gangtok, Sikkim

Rhododendron grande Wight … many thanks to Shrikant Ingalhalikar Ji for the ID.

Superlative, Dinesh ji,
Crystal clear clarity.
One is really mesmerised by ditto ‘lip shaped’ stigma.

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Too good Dinesh ji, no doubt you are my favourite, always coming up with best photographs.

Wow! So beautiful…great choice Dinesh ji!

This is really amazing Dinesh Ji..!!
Just beauuuutiful…!!!

White is beauty in simplicity
Wow !! Very cute rhododendron

Fantastic Photo, cute rhododendron …

Just cropped to show the lip shaped stigma.

Yes, … I saw it the other day when you pointed it out. I had not zoomed in to see it earlier. The structure is absolutely like pair of lips !!! Nature’s design and architecture is simply wonderful.

छू लेने दो नाज़ुक होंठों को, कुछ और नहीं हैं जाम हैं ये –
chhuu lene do naazuk ho.nTho.n ko, kuchh aur nahii.n hai.n jaam hai.n ye
Pollinators must be waiting to touch these lips.

These words are suited here perfectly, … !!

Superb photograph and clarity.


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