15 Glorious Years of Efloraofindia:: My Sentiments:

EfloraofIndia: The Voyage of Motivation
A mediocre village man, with just a translucent image of what he can achieve or aspire for, started walking on fierce path of professional world. There was almost no one around to inspire or motivate, as his forefathers never came out of their ancestral agriculture setup, though they had a high regard for education and educated people. The man went on, with modest steps, utmost care and vigilance, so that he is not just ignored, if not noticed. Even after getting opportunities for higher learning, the skills were not so sharp, thus he was barely noticed. Silently he worked, without interfering others, not expecting much, neither arousing any expectations in others. Yes, he is good, not extraordinary or genius, but genuine, people used to say.
With such a meek bent of mind, the man joined the caravan of efloraofindia in November 2010. It was a hesitant start for him, never in his dreams he could imagine that his association will be quite inseparable. He suggested some identifications, reviewed and revised his interests, learnt some photography, started sharing what he could click. The response was awesome, the encouragements made him feel that he can do more. The care, affection, regard and guidance he received from this online forum had been so charming that he almost got an objective to document as much as floristic diversity as he can, from wherever he can. The quest for more kept on growing, and his contribution grew to make him eligible to get a place in top contributors.
Yes, this is my story, my own sentiments, associated with eFI. They are not superficial, it is not a one-sided affair, it is from both sides, I feel eFI is for me and vice versa.

The collaborations achieved through this forum are really a treasure for my life and I will continue to cherish the beautiful memories I could gather through efloraofindia.

Let me put the journey of efloraofindia in a phrase:
An intermittent flow of thoughts, moulded and carved into a gemstone, by a generation, for many generations, can be seen in efloraofindia“.

It is neither merely a website, nor a platform, it is a way of living and meaning of life for many selfless servants of Indian Botany.

Thanks a lot, Nidhan ji.
Wonderfully written. I liked the last two lines like anything.

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Nidhan ji, … wonderful account of your bond with eFI. Very nicely written. Gripping and full of meaning.

Very well written Nidhan ji

Excellently expressed, Dr. Nidhan Singh ji

Thanks a lot … for giving a read and appreciation…

Very well expressed Nidhan sir and you are no mediocre but one of the best persons I have met!!

Nicely written story Nidhan ji! I can feel and relate to many things you’ve mentioned as I am from similar backgrounds and traveled similar paths as you did.

Yes it is very nice.

You expressed your feelings very eloquently and poetically. So many of us have traversed a similar path

Nicely expressed Nidhan ji…..An ethereal story

Thank you very much … for giving a read to my sentiments..and for nice words!!🙏🙏