Eflora story:
My interest in Taxonomy started in 2017, when I was reading a local college magazine, i was swiping the topics, i found, one of our senior student had written about local medicinal plants of Kashmir one of the intresting plant i put focus on was Portulaca oleracea commonly known as Nunar in our local language, which he mentioned to cure heart diseases. I got interest when my mom used to tell medicinal value of our local herbs ..i used to capture photographs using my phone having 3 mega pixel camera ..It was a year 2020, i bought Redmi note 7 phone having good quality camera then i found flowersofindia site ..i started identifying plants there which I had clicked ….in 2021 i came to know about Eflora of india, at first i found Google group of Eflora india… there were thousands of plants inserted by Gurcharan Singh sir as he mostly worked on Kashmir flora… I took a deep breath and it was a sign of relief for me to identify all those plants which were yet to be identified from me… After that i used to send photographs of plants to Eflora india which I capture…. i got good response form all the friendly members of Eflora india like Mr. Garg sir, Gurcharan Singh sir, Saroj kasaju sir and many more …today i would like to say that this site is my identity, it helped me to identify plants which were difficult for other experts of Kashmir… this site strike my interest in Taxonomy and photography …for me Eflora india is backbone of flora database of India.
Thanks for choosing me to be the member of Eflora india.. Dear ! Garg sir! To be honest, I don’t know how you manage to do such a good job every single time. The way you handled the site showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking.

Thanks a lot, Shakir ji, for your story.
Seems to be coming from your heart.

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Nice story, Shakir ji.

Very well written Shakir ji.

It is great to know from you the transformation brought about in your perspective through eFI…

This is the magic of eFI..
Thanks Shakir Ji..!!

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