Eflora Story:
My interest in taxonomy started in 2018, when I was in the second semester of M. Sc. Botany in Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri, J and K.  When one of mine senior student cum friend used to capture photographs of different plants in the University campus. I got interest when my grandmother used to tell medicinal value and vernacular names of many local plants found in our region like herbs, shrubs, trees, climbers etc. Gradually my interest in taxonomy grew. When I saw plants somewhere I used to capture photographs. Then I downloaded different applications for plant identification. These apps did not identify plants correctly. Then I found flowersofindia site… And i started identifying plants there which I had clicked. I contributed many plants to this site. After that I came to know about efloraofindia  and I found Google group of Efloraofindia where thousands of plants were contributed by different scientist like Gurcharan Singh sir, Saroj Kumar sir, Tabish sir, Garg sir and many more. Efloraofindia is a symbol of big relief for me to identity plants. I used to send photographs of different plants for identification. It helped me a lot to identity plants which were difficult for other experts of Rajouri and Jammu region and I got good response from different friendly members of this group like Mr. Garg sir, Gurcharan Singh sir and many more. Mr. Gurcharan Singh sir is a great Indian Botanist who contributed thousands of plants to this site. This site has the largest database on Indian flora. Mr. Garg sir is a relentless person as he work day and night for efloraofindia and putting his whole life into this group. This group is an inspiration for me. This group is a family of young and old people. Each member is a dedicated taxonomists. I appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work of Mr. Garg sir who coordinating everything and putting things in one place. I feel lucky to be part of it. I have learnt a lot from this group. Thank you Mr. Garg sir for this amazing and versatile group. At the completion of 15 years of efloraofindia, I congratulate the whole team of Efloraofindia. Happy to be part of such a group😊😊

Thanks a lot, Seema ji, for your story coming from the heart.

Very nice story !!! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks a lot Seema ji for all the good words and the story of your botanical life. My mother was another great expert and could identify a vegetable plant even from a seedling. She used to care her kitchen garden with great dedication.

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