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Neomarica northiana

Lock down 1. April 2020.
Like everywhere, Mumbai too had come to a standstill. There was a frightening silence on the roads. Couldn’t move out anywhere. My regular morning walks had stopped. So gradually started making rounds in the building. Since I stay on ground floor, I have “encroached” the part of the building compound in front of my house 😄 and made a small garden. Suddenly my eyes fell on one neglected pot  and I was speechless.(still trying to recollect from where I got that plant).A beautiful flower was hanging like a pendulum. It had grown on one leaf. Three bright white petals with brownish tiger-striped patterns and three purplish blue curled petals. What a beauty it was ! efloraindia as usual immediately did the id – Neomarica northiana. It’s common name is ‘Walking Iris’. The flower gets its common name Walking Iris from its unusual propagation habit. New plantlets grow at the tips of the flower stems, weighing them down until they bend to touch the ground and take root.
To sum it all, in those depressing days, this unique flower lifted my heart.

Thanks, Shobha ji, for wonderful image and the story behind it.

Beautiful picture

Also post high res. image.

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Beautiful picture

Nice Iris!

Shobha Ji,
Nice picture and story.

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