Book on commercially important medicinal plant in Tamil by Santhan P:
I am happy to inform you that I have written  a book on commercially important 200 medicinal plants in my mother tongue Tamil. I wrote the same book in English also, shortly it is expected. I have provided 280 colour images for the easy identification of medicinal plants and raw drugs. I hope it will be useful for the people dealing with medicinal plants and students.

Thanks, Santhan ji, for the wonderful efforts.

Congratulations Santhan ji!

Hearty congratulations, Santhan ji.

Great effort Santhan Ji. Hearty Congratulations.

Congratulations 💐, Santhan Sir

Congratulations Santhan Ji…

Many congratulations.

வணக்கம் Santhan ji,

Congratulations, Santhan Ji.

Congratulations Santhan Ji for this useful work..!!

Great to know, Santhan ji. Congratulations.

Congratulations for your book!!

Congratulations Dr. Santhan Jee. need to document many such importance of our plant wealth.

Thanks Satish ji, we need to try our level best as of now FRLHT listed 760  important medicinal plants. They also published a 900 page book last year.