Pankaj Kumar- ‘Jewel’ of eFloraofIndia

‘Jewel of Efloraofindia’- Title for Dr. Pankaj Kumar:
In view of outstanding contributions for the cause of eFloraofIndia, the title of ‘Jewel of eFloraofIndia‘ on Pankaj ji, was conferred on him during the 1st eFI Summit held on 19.6.22 to celebrate 15th anniversary.
We salute Pankaj Kumar ji, who is not only one of the founding members, but also one of the most celebrated taxonomists in our family. He has looked into each and every post on orchids posted in our group and given his valuable time and energy for their correct identification. I think this group remains the most accurate on our site. I always wonder the amount of energy he possesses in taking care of his multifaceted work.
He has single handedly taken upon himself to bring the Orchidaceae of India to the world on public platforms like eFI.
There is no denying that if any family from India is best showcased to the world, it is Orchidaceae. Thanks to the single minded pursuit of Pankaj ji.
Thanks, Pankaj ji, for your dedication and hard work, which is keeping all of us inspired for the future journey.

I am just a small potato as I have always said and I have learnt a lot from this group.
It’s an honor for me to be recognised as “Jewel of eFloraofIndia”. Thank you … for having me here and to all the tireless members who kept posting orchid images from all over India and even neighbouring countries, and kept me alive.
I have gained much more than what I have given.

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The most suitable title for Pankaj. He richly deserves it.

Congratulations dear Pankaj ji.

Heartiest congratulations, dear Dr. Pankaj Ji
You are a real JEWEL.

Congratulations again dear Pankaj. You deserve it all

Deserving Title. Many congratulations to Dr. Kumar !

Keep going Pankaj ji. You have helped me a lot in nailing the ids of many orchids of the Western Ghats.

Well done Pankaj! Your name has become synonymous with “orchids” because of your efforts and expertise. Congratulations on receiving the perfectly named eFI title!!

Thanks a lot everyone for your blessings and encouragement.
I have learnt a lot for this group.

Congratulations dear Dr. Pankaj..
I am just proud of you, as everyone is…!!

Heartiest Congratulations dear Pankaj !!
I love you for your dedication hard work and talents, yes you are jewel, it’s perfect title
You are inspiration to many

God bless you

Congratulations, Pankaj ji.

Congratulations Pankaj Ji. You deserved it..

Hearty congratulations Pankaj sir!

Hearty congratulations Pankaj sir!

Thank you everyone for your kind gesture.

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Thank you once again. It was a nice coincidence that Rawat sir was also present at this meeting and he was very happy about this.
I am of course happy and feel honoured.
Thanks to each and every member!!



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