Manoj Chandran: ‘Grassman’ of eFloraofIndia


‘Grassman of eFloraofIndia’: Title for Sh. Manoj Chandran:
In view of outstanding contributions for the cause of eFloraofIndia, the title of ‘Grassman of eFloraofIndia‘ on Manoj ji, was conferred on him during the 1st eFI Summit held on 19.6.22 to celebrate its 15th anniversary.
We salute Manoj ji, who has looked into each and every post on grasses (Poaceae) posted in our group and given his valuable time and energy for their correct identification. I think this group remains one of the most accurate on our site. I always wonder the amount of energy he possesses in taking care of his multifaceted work.

He has single handedly taken upon himself to bring the Grasses of India to the world on public platforms like eFI.
He has been more than the ideal IFS officer for the state of Uttarakhand. Along with being an expert of grasses and other plants, he is also a very good trekker and one of the most humble person. He always maintains a low profile and avoids publicity.

Thanks, Manoj ji, for your dedication and hard work, which is keeping all of us inspired for the future journey.

Congratulations Manoj ji

My regards to the great work being done by Manoj Ji…congratulations for this title, which he aptly deserves..!!
Please keep contributing to eFI through your expertise Manoj Ji…!!!

Hearty congratulations to Manoj ji for being given the apt title !!!

My thanks always to Manoj ji for his help in resolving queries related to grasses and sedges; truly a boon to eFI.

Posted also at eFloraofIndia facebook page.
Pl. give it wide publicity in Social media, by posting it in your profile/ groups/ Instagram etc.

Many congratulations Manoj Ji !

Congratulations 🎉 to Sh. Manoj Chandran ji.
We are grateful to you, Sir

Heartiest congratulations, Manoj ji.

What I know since long A grass man is a bipedal humanoid of Mexico forests who builds the home with tall grasses; but the title has different meaning for his excellence in work on grasses; grasses really very difficult group to sort out for a normal taxonomist or common man; our thanks to the great personality. we are grateful to you

Hearty congratulations dear Sh. Manoj Chandran ji.

Congratulations Manoj Ji.

Congratulations Manoj ji

I was pleasantly surprised to see 4003 people reached, 768 engagements, 147 likes and 45 comments at eFloraofIndia facebook page, the max. I have never seen before.

A permanent page created at home page of EfloraofIndia:

11,764 people reached, 1973 engagements, 362 likes and 132 comments as on 6.7.22 at eFloraofIndia facebook page


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