Identify fruits please: 1 image.

I missed to see flowers
Fruits are found at Sindhudurg MH
On June 2022
Stalks of fruits were white, leaves started emerging from side?? (I’m not sure)
Can anyone help me identify this plant please

Are they fruits or buds??

Fruits … I have opened it to see

These appear to be fruit of Cryptocoryne spiralis. Please confirm.

Appears close as per images at Cryptocoryne spiralis (Retz.) Fisch. ex Wydler

The definitive identification is possible only by looking at spathe, and Cryptocoryne spiralis, Cryptocoryne retrospiralis and rarest Cryptocoryne cognatum are found in that range Konkan Maharashtra. By the way reddish coloured fruit and spathe does point to Cryptocoryne spiralis which is the Commonest species in India, but many varieties of Cryptocoryne spiralis aquatica also exist, the variety that grow in river beds have Fruits that are buried in alluvium not pointed upwards, these are terrestrial variety and seasonal variety. I have Studied this species in detail. Finally the aquatic plants exhibit a variety of holotypes depending on the environmental conditions.