Article about Er. J.M. Garg ji: 1 pdf attachment
An eMagazine, Sanrakshan, has published an article on respected Garg ji as a Profile of the month July 2022.
Kindly go through it. A web version is attached herewith.
HD version can be downloaded from here.


Congratulations Sir 🎉🙏

Congratulations Garg Ji

Congratulations Gargji

This is so well deserved, all hats off to you. Many congratulations

Hearty congratulations Garg ji, Nice article.

It is a good coverage.
Motivational story of Garg Ji will reach far and wide to make his ‘carvan’ (eFI) longer, stronger and enriched with knowledge.

Congratulations Gargji

It’s great writing, congratulations Garg ji.

Finally eFI is getting good coverage.

Congrats Garg ji! It is good coverage with nice pictures!

Thanks, Anil ji, for all the efforts in getting it published.

Garg Ji, you deserve more than this coverage. It is a small effort from me,

Very nice. Congratulations sir!!

Hearty Congratulations Garg ji. Nice article.

Many congratulations Mr. Garg ! We are proud of you !

Congratulations Garg ji, you deserved this recognition and much more.
Thanks Anil ji for this very well written article.. Devoted members like you only take this group further.

Congratulation Mr Garg.

Heartiest congratulations Garg ji.

Heartiest congratulation for newsletter. Best of luck for future.

Heartiest congratulations Garg ji.

This article was written by Sh. Jatinder Vij ji, while the information was provided by me.
This eMagazine “Sanrakshan” is widely circulated to the Eco Clubs in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana.
Everyone can contribute articles on general topics related to biodiversity in this monthly magazine.

It is very well written up..nice work Anil Ji..!!
Congratulations Garg Ji💐💐

Golden words, dear Garg ji.

It is great team work.

Very well written. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the same.


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