Marsdenia formosana Masam., J. Soc. Trop. Agric. 2: 241 (1930) ;
S. Nansei-shoto to Taiwan, China (Yunnan): China South-Central, Nansei-shoto, Taiwan as per POWO;

MS,Sept.,2022/06 Marsdenia sp. for id.:
Location : Darlawn, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,000 m.
Date : 30-03-2000
Habit : A large climber with white flowers; stem exuding white latex.
Habitat : Wild
Note : Young stem and leaves are used as a vegetable.

Any keys for Gymnema/ Marsdenia from your area?

Is it not the same as in another post: MS,Sept.,2022/07 Marsdenia sp. ? for id. (id suggested as Marsdenia roylei Wight) ?

This plant could not identify by BSI, Shillong, and sent the Herbarium specimen to the Central National Herbarium, Howrah and identified as Marsdenia formosana.

Appears close as per GBIF images (Most of the images and specimens from Taiwan).
But I could not find its distribution in our area or even in Mynamar as per POWO.

Ok, thanks sir. My no.MS,Sept.,2022/07 Marsdenia sp. is also M. formosana, I think.

I think you may be right.


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