Identification required for Galium sp. From Ganderbal kashmir: 3 high res. images.

Not easy since no habitat images and other parts !

will send habitat images soon. it was found near the wetland

1 image.

Leaves are still not clear. However please try Galium asperuloides Edgew. !

Also verify at

It can’t be G. asperuloides which has 6-8 leaves in a whorl
Here we can see 4 leaves in a whorl, hence G. serpylloides is a possibility. Check for the fruits.

Leaves are broad in  G.serpylloides

Yes, it looks different from G.serpylloides as per POWO specimenFoP and FoP illustration.

What are the species reported from your area?
Do you have other images?

Fruits would help: hairs absent or present, if so straight or hooked.

Few more photographs

Not much help.
What are the species reported from your area?

I will share
List of Galium sp. Tomorrow

Galium mahadivense

Galium boreale L
Galium asperuloides Edgew.
G. asperifolium
Galium tricornutum
Galium aparine
Galium tenuissimum M.Bieb.
Galium ceratophylloides

I tried but could not find a proper match.

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