Identification needed for this plant: 1 image.
Location Rajouri j and k

Family:- Papaveraceae
It may be Papaver sp.

Pl. post a side view of the flower and show the leaves also, for I’d.

I concur with …

For exact ID of the species the photos suggested  by … are essential.

I have only flower pic sir!!!

Was it wild?

Looks like Papaver macrostomum, common in Kashmir.

But I do not find black markings on the corolla as at

you may be right. Papaver dubiumdoes have black marks on the petal base, but they may also be completely missing. I don’t know if same is the case for Papaver macrostomum.

The black spots of P.macrostomia are proverbial in persian , urdu and kashmiri poetry and refer to stained heart of the flower and the red color of its petals refer to its red heart or to  intensity of  passion. I wonder if the plant in the post is an escapee cultivar. The color of its petals is also more pink than red.

According to the description at Flora of Pakistan, Papaver macrostomum has “Flowers 3-6 cm in diameter, purple or pink with or without a basal blotch.” So, missing black spots do not necessarily point to Papaver dubia. As Seema doesn’t have any more pics, it is difficult to conclude about this flower.

Deeply lobed stigmatic lobes go with P. macrostomum, fruit would be conclusive.