Flemingia congesta Roxb.
new name is Flemingia microphylla
Photograph taken at Gaibi Ghat near Radhanagari
Its an a new Reported to the Kolhapur District.

Flemingia congesta
Flower showing Brownish glands on their Calyx Lobes
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Links for Flemingia macrophylla (syn. F. congesta):
tropicalforages & hear (description with pictures),
winrock (details- A Valuable Species in Soil Conservation).

Does not appear to match either with Flemingia semialata or Flemingia macrophylla

Or may be Flemingia semialata as per images and details herein.

I finally got online keys in the book at Flora of peninsular India, as per which F. semialata calyx has to be eglandular, which is not the case in your post.
So I take it as F. macrophylla.

I think it may be Flemingia prostrata, as posted by … at Flemingia prostrata Roxb.Junior ex Roxb. submission AS2 January 2023 and as per description in Flora of China.
The Description of Flemingia macrophylla looks a bit different as per Flora of China and as per GBIF specimens.

Definitely not Flemingia prostrata as the plant is not having prostate habit along with differences in leaves shape and petiole grooves. It may be F. macrophylla although there are not enough images/details to confirm it as Flemingia macrophylla shows affinities towards few other species namely F. semialataF. sootepensis and F. latifolia but differs from them in having racemes shorter than the petiole, grooved petiole and large ovate-lanceolate leaflets.


Flemingia macrophylla:
Does Flemingia macrophylla in FoI look like Flemingia prostrata Roxb.Junior ex Roxb. ??

The leaves of the two species on FOI look different:

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