Crotalaria dubia Graham ex Benth., London J. Bot. 2: 568 (1843) ;
India to China (Yunnan) and Indo-China: Bangladesh, China South-Central, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;

MS, Dec., 2022/03 Herb for id.: 2 images.
Location : Tamdil, Mizoram

Altitude : ca.730 m.
Date : 29-12-2022
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Appears to be from Fabaceae.

Or maybe from Amaranthaceae.
I also tried Lamiaceae, along with these two families.
But unable to get close.

Alternanthera sp. ??

I also thought so, but no match with existing species.
What are the species reported from your area? and Keys?

Only Alternanthera sessilis is recorded in the Flora of Mizoram

Looks different from it as per

Crotalaria sp., I think.

I tried at and other related species, but could not find anything close.

this is Acanthaceae member. looks like Neuracanthus sps.

Does not seem to match as per

yes, it looks more closer towards Lepidagathis..

Looks different as per

Crotalaria sp.
Check with local floras.

What are the species and keys in your book?

2 images.

Does not match with any of these Crotalaria species.

this is Acanthaceae member, the leaf and the bracts of inflorescence indicates that. some how i am not reaching the genus..

No distribution but could it be Justicia flava (Forssk.) Vahl ??

I do not think so.

What are the species of Justicia reported from your area with Keys?

2 images.

Can it be Justicia khasiana as per POWO specimens: onetwo and three ?
I am not sure at all.

It somewhat resembles Crotalaria dubia. This species was previously reported from S. India and Meghalaya (Danda et al. 2016).
Description for C. dubia

Thanks a lot, … Yes, it appears so. Finally, you have solved the mystery.




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