First Coffee Table Book on “The Mangroves of Karnataka”- Published: 1 pdf
It was a proud moment to compile the First Coffee Table Book on “The Mangroves of Karnataka”- Having been living in Uttara Kannada, documenting Flora, Fauna, Nature and sharing knowledge since 35 years.
The Book Showcases significance of Mangroves forest, Mangrove forest is dissected by the rivers joining sea with the formation of shallow lagoons or estuarine ecosystem. True Mangroves species with description. District & Estuary-wise distribution of mangroves in Karnataka.  Flora fauna associated, Biological specialties, ecological significance, Mangrove associated species, Avifauna of Mangroves, Crab & fish species found in mangrove, Mangrove restoration and Mangrove Ecotourism etc through exclusive photographs.
Few photos of the function shared for your kind information.

Good work, Puttaraju ji.
Congrats for your hard work and inspiration by this work.