Request ID. Parasite Gentianaceae ?: 3 images.
Observation: 02/02/23. Riung District, Flores, Indonesia.
DescriptionA small purple parasite plant similar in aspect to the Voyria genus that you can found in south America. 4 purple petals measuring <1 cm and 4 white sepals measuring <0.5 cm. 4 yellow stamens and 1 stigma. Monoecious plant. For information mythumbnail is 1.5 cm.
HabitusFlowers showing up in the wet season for a few month, in the dry forest undergrowth litter
First ID: Gentianaceae sp ?

Try to check Examcum from Indonesia.
Just a guess.

Its look quite similar to Exacum tenue but the shape of the anther are different. The photos of online observation show anther which becomes thinner towards the end while my observations (at least 4 different individuals) shoes anther more regularly shaped.
Ill try to take a sample at the next rainy season here

Please try to shoot the whole plant and leaves also.

Here is the best “whole plant” photo I have. For the leaves you can look at the picture above. It’s an mycoheterotrophic species
1 high res. image.

There are no leaves ?

Except the little transparent bract / leave in the picture there is no clear leaf organ as the plant is supposed almost not to photosynthesize


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