Kashmiri names of Plants: 1 docx file.
here is list of plants with Kashmiri names taken from my Book Florest Flora of Srinagar and the plants of neighbourhood by G. Singh and P. Kachroo, 1976

Thanks for this important compilation.
Helps me to identify the Celtis species I have posted on this site as C.caucasica.

Lawrence has mentioned Kanzal  and Sarul as Kashmiri names of Alnus nitida ( page 79 of his book “The Valley of Kashmir”). There is a beautiful resort called Kanzalwan literally meaning Kanzal forest (Wan means forest) in the Gurez Valley  which might have been  so named because of Kanzal trees growing  there.

Thank you very very much, Gurcharan ji, for providing the list of plant names in your book.
A great help to me.


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