Nepeta discolor Royle ex Benth. (NE. Afghanistan to Tibet: Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO)









Nepeta lamiopsis Benth. ex Hook.f. (Himalaya to Tibet:  East Himalaya, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO)






Nepeta raphanorhiza Benth. (Afghanistan to Tibet: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO)


TAXONOMIC STATUS OF GENUS NEPETA L. (LAMIACEAE) IN KASHMIR HIMALAYA, INDIA by T. Hassan, G. H. Dar & A. A. Khuroo- Hassan, T., Dar, G. H. & Khuroo, A. A. 2011 12 31: Taxonomic status of genus Nepeta L. (Lamiaceae) in Kashmir Himalaya, India. -Iran. J. Bot. 17 (2): 181-188. Tehran. (pdf- with details & keys)
The present communication pertains to twenty two species of Nepeta recorded from the Kashmir Himalaya. Out of these twelve species were recorded from Kashmir region and eleven from Ladakh region. One species i.e. N. salviaefolia is common to both the regions. All the species are perennial but for N. annua, which is an annual. A taxonomic account of all the species, following recent nomenclature has been presented herewith.

Taxonomic Status of Genus Nepeta L. (Lamiaceae) in Kashmir Himalaya, India by Tauheeda Hassan, G.H. Dar- The Indian Forester- Volume 139, Issue 12, December 2013-
During survey of Kashmir Himalaya twenty two species of Nepeta were recorded of which twelve were from Kashmir region and remaining from Ladakh region. The species recorded are;
N. annua,
N. cataria,
N. campestris,
N. clarkei,
N. coerulescens,
N. connata,
N. discolor,
N. elliptica,
N. erecta,
N. eriostachys,
N. floccosa,
N. glutinosa,
N. govaniana,
N. kokanica,
N. laevigata,
N. linearis,
N. longibracteata,
N. nervosa,
N. paulsenii,
N. podostachys,
N. raphanorhiza and
N. salviaefolia.
Some species like N. elata, N. royleana, N. pamirensis and N. vakanica are synonyms of N. laevigata, N. salviaefolia, N. kokanica and N. floccosa respectively which were considered as separate species. N. leucophylla of Dehradun Herbarium has not been found in our study area. This species perhaps has been confused earlier with our N. salviaefolia.

Binomial Habit Notes Ref. Distrib.
(Roth) Haines
Herb Western Ghats,
Evergreen Forests
Flora of Tamil
Nadu, VOL. II, 1987

Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Nepeta cataria Lamiaceae Catnip
Nepeta connata Lamiaceae Violet Himalayan Catmint
Nepeta elliptica Nepeta polystachya Lamiaceae Elliptic-Leaved Catmint
Nepeta erecta Lamiaceae Erect Catmint
Nepeta floccosa Lamiaceae Woolly Catmint
Nepeta govaniana Dracocephalum govanianum Lamiaceae Yellow Catmint
Nepeta hindostana Glechoma hindostana Lamiaceae North Indian Catmint
Nepeta laevigata Betonica laevigata, Nepeta spicata, Nepeta nuristanica Lamiaceae Smooth Catmint
Nepeta leucolaena Nepeta royleana, Nepeta salviifolia, Nepeta stewartii Lamiaceae Salvia-Leaved Catmint
Nepeta leucophylla Lamiaceae White Leaved Catmint
Nepeta linearis Glechoma linearis Lamiaceae Narrow-Leaved Catmint
Nepeta longibracteata Glechoma longibracteata Lamiaceae Long-Bract Catmint
Nepeta podostachys Lamiaceae Long Stalked Catmint
Nepeta spp. Lamiaceae Pink Catmint

Nepeta annua Pallas (Kashmir, Mongolia, China)
Nepeta campestris Benth. (Kashmir, NW India?)
Nepeta cataria L. (Most of Europe, SW and C. Asia, Himalayas; introduced in many other parts of the world)
Nepeta clarkei Hook. f. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India, Tibet)
Nepeta coerulescens Maxim. (Kashmir, Sinkiang, Tibet, Himalayas to Sikkim)
Nepeta connata Boyle ex Beath. in Hook. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta discolor Boyle ex Benth. in Hook. (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, NW India, Nepal)
Nepeta distans Royle ex Benth. in Hook. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta elliptica Royle ex Benth. in Hook. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India (Simla region), (?Himalayas, Nepal))
Nepeta erecta (Boyle ex Benth.) Berth. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta eriostachys Benth. (Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta floccosa Benth. (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, NW Himalaya, Pamir Alai)
Nepeta glutinosa Benth. (E.& NE Afghanistan, Pakistan, Soviet C. Asia, Kashmir, Sinkiang (?).)
Nepeta govaniana (Wall. ex Benth.) Benth. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta graciliflora Benth. in Wall. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta grata Benth. (Ladakh, Lahul & Spiti)
Nepeta kokanica Regel (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan)
Nepeta laevigata (D. Don) Hand.-Mazz. (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India, Himalayas to Nepal, SW China)
Nepeta linearis Royle ex Benth. in Hook. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta longibracteata Benth. (NE Afghanistan, Pamir-Alai, Pakistan, Kashmir, Lahul, Tibet, Sinkiang)
Nepeta nervosa Royle ex Benth. in Hook. (Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)
Nepeta paucifolia S. K. Mukerjee (Type: [Kashmir])
Nepeta raphanorhiza Beath. (E. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, NW India)

Nepeta cataria L. (S. & C. Europe, C. Asia to Himalaya (Kashmir to Nepal), Australia, N. America)
Nepeta ciliaris Wall. ex Benth. (Himalaya (Kashmir to Nepal), India)
Nepeta coerulescens Maxim. (Himalaya (Kashmir to Sikkim), Tibet)
Nepeta discolor Royle ex Benth. (Turkestan, Afghanistan, W. Pakistan, Chitral, Himalaya (Kashmir to Nepal), India, Tibet)
Nepeta elliptica Royle ex Benth. (Turkestan, Afghanistan, W. Pakistan, Himalaya (Kashmir to Nepal), India)
Nepeta hindostana (Roth) Haines (Afghanistan, Himalaya (Nepal), India)
Nepeta laevigata (D. Don) Hand.-Mazz. (Turkestan, Afghanistan, W. Pakistan, Himalaya (Kashmir to Nepal), India, China)
Nepeta lamiopsis Benth. ex Hook. f. (Himalaya (Nepal to Bhutan), Tibet, India)
Nepeta leucophylla Benth. (Afghanistan, Himalaya (Garhwal to Nepal))

Nepeta annua Pallas [Mongolia, Russia]
Nepeta cataria Linnaeus [Afghanistan, Japan; Africa, Europe, North America]
Nepeta coerulescens Maximowicz [No distribution given outside China]
Nepeta discolor Royle ex Bentham [Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan].
Nepeta floccosa Bentham [Afghanistan, India].
Nepeta glutinosa Bentham [Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan]
Nepeta kokanica Regel  [Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan].
Nepeta laevigata (D. Don) Handel-Mazzetti [Afghanistan, India, Nepal]
Nepeta longibracteata Bentham [India, Tajikistan]

1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants By Kerry Scott Walter, Harriet J. Gillett, World Conservation Monitoring Centre-
Nepeta paucifolia Mukerjee – Indeterminate- J & K

Compendia of World’s Medicinal Flora By Amritpal Singh (2006)-



Antidiabetic Plants in India and Herbal Based Antidiabetic Research By T. Pullaiah, K. Chandrasekhar Naidu (2003)- Details-
Nepeta cataria

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