Adonis aestivalis L. (Europe to W. Nepal: Afghanistan, Algeria, Austria, Baleares, Belarus, Bulgaria, Corse, Cyprus, East European Russia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Krym, Lebanon-Syria, Morocco, Nepal, North Caucasus, Pakistan, Palestine, Romania, Sardegna, Sicilia, South European Russi, Spain, Switzerland, Tadzhikistan, Transcaucasus, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkey-in-Europe, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, West Himalaya, Xinjiang, Yugoslavia; Introduced into: California, Czechoslovakia, Idaho, Montana, Netherlands, New York, Oregon, Utah as per POWO)


Adonis chrysocyathus Hook.f. & Thomson (Central Asia to W. Nepal: Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Nepal, Tadzhikistan, Tibet, Uzbekistan, West Himalaya, Xinjiang as per POWO)

Adonis davidii Franch. (Bhutan to Central China: China North-Central, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Tibet as per POWO)

Species with description & keys from Flora of Pakistan (Distribution):
Adonis aestivalis L. (C. & E. Europe, Mediterranean region to Pakistan and W. Himalaya, Kashmir, S. Siberia)
Adonis chrysocyathus Hook.f. & Thoms. in Hook.f. (Kashmir to W. Tibet and Tien-Shan)
Adonis dentatus Delile (Syria to Pakistan)

Species with distribution in annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal (Distribution):
Adonis aestivalis L. (3000 m; Temperate Europe to Asia, Himalaya (Kashmir to W. Nepal))
Adonis chrysocyathus Hook. f. & Thomson (3600 m; Himalaya (Kashmir to W. Nepal), W. Tibet)
Adonis nepalensis Simonov. (3800-4500 m; E. Himalaya (Nepal, Sikkim))

Some species found in Indian Subcontinent with description & keys from Flora of China [Distribution other than China]:
Adonis aestivalis Linnaeus [Kashmir, Pakistan, Russia; SW Asia, Europe].
Adonis chrysocyathus J. D. Hooker & Thomson [Kashmir, Pakistan, Russia]
Adonis davidii Franchet [Bhutan]

Adonis (Ranunculaceae) page with comparative images:
Pl. go through‎ Adonis (Ranunculaceae) page with comparative images of species in efloraofindia. On clicking the link of species, one can check the complete details. Genus pages generally give details of most of the species found in India.
I request you to pl. go through & point out mistakes, if any. I hope this will aid in identification in future. If anybody can send images of other species of this genus (for incorporation in the website), if any, or can identify unidentified images, it will be really nice.