Allamanda schottii Pohl, Pl. Bras. Icon. Descr. 1: 73 1827. (Syn: Allamanda brasiliensis Schott ex Pohl [Invalid]; Allamanda cathartica Schrad. [Illegitimate]; Allamanda magnifica B.S.Williams; Allamanda neriifolia Hook.;               (≡) Allamanda cathartica var. schottii (Pohl) L. H. Bailey & Raffill);
al-uh-MAN-duh — named for Dr. Allamand of Leyden who sent seeds to Linnaeus
SHOT-ee-eye — named for Arthur Carl Victor Schott, German-born naturalist
commonly known as: bush allamanda, dwarf golden trumpet
Native to: tropical South AmericaAs per efi thread:
I think the difference given in another post as below by … may be more appropriate to differentiate them as per POWO (Allamanda schottii Pohl) and POWO (Allamanda cathartica L.):
A. cathartica, long cylindrical tube and much shorter swollen upper half is distinctive, in A. schottii cylindrical portion is much shorter than moderately swollen upper portion
.As per efi thread :
A. cathartica : A tropical twining vine with deeply veined, whorled leaves and large, trumpet shaped bright yellow flowers.
A. nerifolia (Syn. of Allamanda schottii Pohl): A bush typically grows to 4-5 ft tall. It bears clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with orange-red throat stripes. Flowers are bell-shaped with a golden yellow corolla, striped orange at the throat.


Allamanda schottii Pohl (accepted name) : 10 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Location: Soureni, Mirik, India
Date: 21 April 2017
Altitude: 4200 ft.
Allamanda neriifolia Hook. (synonym)

I am not finding these reddish shaped sepals in your image at images under Allamanda schottii Pohl

To me, It appears Allamanda neriifolia.

I think, it is rightly identified.

Thanks, …  But why such sepal like growth is clearly seen here and not in other photographs.

..;., this is colour pattern on the outer surface of Corolla and not sepals. Sepals are small in Allamanda. None of these photographs have sepals in the frames.

Thanks, …  I will look carefully again in the last image.


Allamanda schottii from Lal Bagh Bangalore-GS11012021-2: 2 images.
Allamanda schottii Pohl
Bush Allamanda
Photographed from Lal Bagh Bangalore, 29-9-2015


trumpet flower for ID :: Vythiri, Wayanad :: 13 NOV 19 : 9 posts by 5 authors. 4 images.
… at a resort  in Vythiri, Wayanad
Date: November 13, 2019 … Altitude: about 700 m (2,300 ft) asl
trumpet flower for ID  
Dear friends,
Not able to make out this member of Bignoniaceae, the flower measured about 3 cm wide. I am not sure the structures in photos 3 & 4 – whether they are galls. Please help.

there are a few examples in plant pathology of galls that may develop thorn like/spikes on surface of round galls. one such is on willow leaves and on forsythia twigs and an interesting paper from Noroth carolina college… NC STATE

Interesting upload …, even if they are galls, the consistency in shape and size is astonishing…. fruit is not characteristic of family to which I suppose it belongs..
Really a unique structure..!! Hopefully it gets identified..

It is Allamanda cathartica and the round balls with spikes are the fruits.
I have it in my Nasik home garden.
Fruits are not common, but occasionally you get one.
Had seen some in Lalbagh too.

the fruit matches internet photos of Allamnda cathartica but most flowers show a narrower long tube below the wider tube. different sp or variety?
… did you show us the case? of your plant? thread url if any. thanks

I just found a thread that exactly matches with … flower and fruit picture by our member, …
efi thread
how could i have forgotten it? anyway we do have several cases—l/a/apocynaceae/allamanda/allamanda-cathartica

These are the real fruits of Allamanda. I have seen such fruits in my house garden. Right now I do not have the photographs.  Most probably the plant in question is a variety of an Allamanda species.

Thank you very much … for the ID. Thanks very much …
This is again a prize find for me. Never seen or expected Allamanda to fruit like this !

Allamanda schottii as per discussions at Flower for ID: Hyderabad July13-NAW02

Thanks … for pointing to this ID. I have labelled my photos at flickr accordingly.

These ornamentals can be tricky to go as per descriptions of any one aspect like flowers – that is what I think. So many cultivars and hybrids, that their aspects may not match the actual species. Allamanda schottii to me as I understood when I labelled my first observation was – its habit was bushy, with linear leaves like that of Nerium.
The posted plant is standing tall about 5 feet or so, with diffused branching, and leaves are elliptic. I express my point so that experts can throw more light whether these are variations of A. schotti OR do we need to label them as some hybrid or cultivar.

I think difference pointed out by …, is very much correct.
Pl. check efi pages of both. And you will realise the difference quite clearly.

Ok, thanks

I had seen similar flowers in the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Will check if I have missed posting them earlier.
They did look a bit different than the Yellow Allamanda flowers we see commonly.


Id these flowers please : (mixed thread): 1 correct image as above.
Is the second one yellow trumpet flower. In Arunachal Pradesh

The yellow flower is Allamanda neriifolia.


Shrub for ID – 251012 – RK:
Is this a Convolvulaceae species?? I thought so till i saw the spiny fruit & was quite intrigued! I think these- [ i will be posting pics of a few more] are new plants in Lalbagh. Had a great time seeing these – all planted a few feet away from one another. Request ID of this plant. Pics taken on 14/10/12 in the morning – Lalbagh, Bangalore.

this is alamanda

which one?

Allamanda cathartica

Allamanda schottii as per discussions at Flower for ID: Hyderabad July13-NAW02


Allamanda schottii from Lal Bagh Bangalore-GS17112021-1: 2 images.

Allamanda schottii Pohl
Syn: A. neriifolia Hooker
Shrubs with flowers narrowly funnel shaped with swollen part much longer than lower narrow tubular part.
Photographed from Lal Bagh, Bangalore, 29-9-2015

Yes …


Allamanda Species for ID : Atlanta Botanical Garden : Atlanta : 28NOV21 : AK – 026: 5 images.
Allamanda flowers seen at the garden during my visit in October, 2018.
I was reminded of this after I saw … post from Wayanad

I hope Allamanda schotii

How do you differentiate between Allamanda schotii and Allamanda neriifolia?
Both are known as Bush Allamanda.




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