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Garden Plant For ID : Nasik : 051112 : AK-1: A small, cultivated, potted plant seen at Gangajal Nursery, Nasik on 16/4/2010. No flowers when the picture was taken.

I hope Artemisia stelleriana, sold in most nurseries under the name of lavender. Only when you see it flower you realize it is not lavender.

Artemisia stelleriana from Delhi

commonly sold in Nurseries in and around Delhi (and often in exhibitions) as lavender. Only when it flowers in November-December, can one know it is not lavender. Those who have seen lavender, however, can’t be taken for a ride.  
Photographed from Khalsa College, Delhi.


cultivated in Delhi– Nov’09?; Khalsa College, Delhi; Artemisia stelleriana the fake Lavender of Delhi – efloraofindia | Google Groups

There are images of ‘Asteraceae’ herb found in Punjabi University, Patiala on January 2018..

Pl. check at 

Closest I can go as per comparative images at Artemisia ‎is Artemisia stelleriana Besser 

Thank you very much sir..

I hope Artemisia tridentata



Asteraceae for ID : Bangalore : 12JUN20 : AK-14 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

A garden plant seen in Dec,19.

Looks close to Jacobaea maritima, although the leaves are slightly different.

I think it should be Artemisia stelleriana Besser as per comparative images at Artemisia  

Artemisia stelleriana. I had this plant in my garden.

Thanks for the id. I got confused between the name Dusty Miller.
I guess it is common to both.


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