Carex filicina Nees


Carex gracilenta Boott ex Boeckeler (E. Himalaya to China (W. & SW. Sichuan, NW. Yunnan): China South-Central, East Himalaya as per POWO)







Stewart enlisted the help of various Carex specialists to name the sedges of Pakistan & Kashmir incl. in the summer of 1964 Miss Sheila Hooper who went over the rich material at Kew with him and made the following key for the Carex gilesii-Carex griffithii-Carex mivalis complex:

1. Terminal spike usually entirely male; utricle distinctly but shortly beaked … C.gilesii
 Terminal spike female below, male above; beak from almost nil to distinct  …..2
2. Glumes and utricles black ……..3
    Glumes and utricles cinnamon brown …… C.oliverii (C.nivalis forma cinnamomea)
3  Glumes and utricles golden …… C.luteo-brunnea
    Glumes and utricles not golden ….. 4
4  Glumes with a conspicuous green arista which exceeds the utricle  ….. C.nivalis forma griffithii
    Glumes with a short mucro; beak of utricle short  ……. C.nivalis  var. nivalis