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Please help me for the identification of one more Cordia sp. collected from Palakkad, Kerala.

Sir it would be very helpfull if you send a picture of fruit

I think it is Cordia dichotoma,

Is it not Cordia dichotoma G.Forst. ?

Seedling for ID :  Attachments (1). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Would like to know if the attached photo could be that of Cordia (dichotoma) ?. I had put a couple of seeds of the “glue fruit” tree about three months back and this has just sprouted. So not sure whether it is just a weed or the same seed.

It could turn out to be Bhokar. Sending photographs of one of my slightly larger saplings for comparison.

Thank you. Bhokar as in Indian Cherry/ Cordia dichotoma (re. Flowersofindia). Will wait and see how it matures. Got the seeds during a tree walk at Lalbagh, Bangalore. 


Regarding identification of the fig. species collected from Mayurbhanja Odisha: 3 high res. images.

I could not go any close as per comparative images at

Ficus species???

Pl. check:

This much material with me. I am trying again to conduct the field tour for the confirmation of the species.