Bicolor Persian Violet •
Hindi: Avachiretta, Bara-charayatah, Habshi-charayatah • Marathi: उडी चिरायत Udi chirayat • Tamil: செடீ Cheti • Kannada: Dodda Chirayutha • Bengali: Koochuri • Assamese: Sher-ri-takti;


Exacum tetragonum:
Exacum tetragonum
Marathi name: Udi-chirayat
At Sagargad,Alibag

Nice pictures indeed.
Do you have any picture with side view showing the calyx? winged or not?
Second question. What is the size of the petals?

Prejith011: Please identify this plant:
This was taken on the grasslands at Chembra, Wynad at about 1100 metres asl. Very pretty flowers.

Looks like Exacum tetragonum
Family : Gentianaceae
Side view of the calyx is necessary in this genus which is a part of the key of differentiation: Winged or not.

yes Exacum tetragonum, syn. E. bicolor

As requested by …, I am posting an additional picture of the side view of the flower.

Campanulaceae & Gentianaceae Week: Gentianaceae :: Exacum tetragonum at Chandoli WLS:
Few snaps of Exacum tetragonum (Exacum bicolor) from Chandoli Forest.
(Family: Gentianaceae ).


Campanulaceae & Gentianaceae Week: Gentianaceae:

Excaum tetragonum
Local Marathi name: Udi-chirayat
Photographed at Sagargad,Alibag

I had seen this at Chandoli WLS.

For ID 231012NS1:
One more ID request here

Date/Time- October 2012

Location – Western ghats, Karnataka, Chikmagalur district, Kudremukh range, approx 1500mtrs asl

Habitat – Wild – Grasslands

… possibly Exacum tetragonum (family Gentianaceae).

Yes, it does look like that. thank you for the help is identifying.


Exacum tetragonum Roxb. : 4 posts by 4 authors.
Seems a plant in cultivation showing fine colour pattern. In another upload by … corolla are uniformly blue.
A really beautiful flower; Roxburgh was impressed why not I ?
Thanks for showing.


Exacum tetragonum (Exacum bicolor) from Chandoli Forest.
(Family: Gentianaceae).


Exacum tetragonum from Mullayaiangiri Bababudangiri Road-GS10022022-1: 6 very high res. images.
Exacum tetragonum photographed from Mullayaiangiri Bababudangiri Road, 26-9-2015.

For me the ID is correct.


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