MS,Jan.,2021/05 Gynura sp. ? for id
1 high resolution image.

Location : Vanchengpui

Date : 20-11-2015
Habit : Herb

Habitat : Wild

Gynura cusimbua S & Moore !

What are the species reported in your area?

Gynura auriculata var. puberula, G.bicolor, G.nepalensis & G.seudochina are recorded in Mizoram


Any keys, …

Going by the keys furnished by you and specimens from India in GBIF, I think your species looks to be Gynura bicolor as per GBIF– specimen 1 

Looks different from GBIF specimens of  G.auriculata and G. nepalensis



Kas week: : PKA18: Gynura bicolor:

Bot name: Gynura bicolor.
Family: Asteraceae

(Photographed on the way to Kas.)

24th Sept.: Near Yavteshwar on Satara Kas Road;
Gynura for ID-270610-PKA1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups


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