Haplanthodes plumosa (T.Anderson) Panigrahi & G.C.Das, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 23: 200 1981 publ. 1983. (syn: Bremekampia tentaculata var. plumosa (T. Anders.) M.R.Almeida; Haplanthodes tentaculatus var. plumosa (T. Anders.) R.B. Majumdar; Haplanthus plumosus T. Anders.) as per Catalogue of life; 
SW-India (Maharashtra) as per Catalogue of life; 
As per efi thread:
H. verticillatus has cladodes 2.5cm or longer, stiff, very sharp pointed bifid or rarely trifid …accidental prick is very painful, stinging. Plant about a meter tall or less, stout. Flowers light to deep shade of violet.
In H. tentaculatus cladodes are up to 1.5cm, soft, hairy, tip inconspicuously bifid, non-prickly.
Three varieties can be recognised by cladodes…

In var. plumosa cladodes are covered in dense soft white hairs, inflorescence which is actually terminal part of stem and branches, looking like plume.
In var. neilgherryensis  terminal spike of cladodes and flowers is densely packed, meaning by, internodes are very small. And of course cladodes not plumose.
Var. tentaculatus  seen in suitable habitat in Surat, is having cladodes sparsely hairy, nodes widely spaced.
Cladodes are pointed upwards in Haplanthodes tentaculatus (Nees) Majumdar or its two other varieties, while these are pointed either straight or downwards in Haplanthodes verticillatus (Roxb.) R.B.Majumdar  

Haplanthodes ¿ verticillatus ?

This is the sole photo that I have to show. Have added a cropped version of it to show a close-up. It looks like a mix of tentaculatus and verticillatus. I think this to be H. verticillatus. My earlier sightings tell me that the inflorescence spikes are relatively long.

at Matheran on December 8, 2012 

efi page on Haplanthodes verticillatus  

If you please do not mind can you please check the probability of H. tentaculatus var. plumosa, based on KEW herb.? –
I may very well be wrong, I need your view.

As per FBI calyx of Haplanthus virrticillaris Nees is minutely pubescent or glabrate or puberulous, size is confusing. Herbarium & description can be found at http://www.herbier-mpu.org/hv/wakka.php?wiki=PagePrincipale/iframe&action=detail&ordre=p&codebarre=MPU018249.

This is not H. verticillatus, I think, it is H. tentaculatus var. plumosa.

Thanks very much, …, for following up on this query of mine.

…, I agree with your conclusion that this plant is not H. verticillatus; rather be H. tentaculatus var. plumosa.
Will revise my notes at flickr soon.



Haplanthodes spp. : Mixed thread. 4 correct images as above.


Haplanthodes tentaculatus var. plumosa

At Matheran , Feb 2017
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