Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell. (Syn. Antirrhinum hexandrum Forssk.; Antirrhinum hexandrum G.Forst.; Buchnera capillaris Desv. ex Ham.; Capraria crustacea L. (Unresolved); Gratiola aspera Roth; Gratiola lucida Willd.; Gratiola lucida Vahl.; Hornemannia ovata Link & Otto (Unresolved); Linaria hexandra F.Dietr. (Unresolved); Mimulus javanicus Blume (Unresolved); Morgania aspera Spreng. (Unresolved); Morgania lucida Spreng.; Pentsteira paniculata Griff. (Unresolved); Pyxidaria crustacea (L.) Kuntze; Tittmannia ovata Rchb. (Unresolved); Tittmannia scabra (R. Br.) Spreng.; Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl.; Torenia flaccida R. Br.; Torenia lucida Buch.-Ham. ex Wall. (unresolved); Torenia ovata Sweet (unresolved); Torenia rubella Buch.-Ham. (unresolved); Torenia scabra R. Br.; Torenia varians Roxb. (unresolved); Ucnopsolen cordatum Raf. (unresolved); Vandellia alba Benth.; Vandellia bodinieri H. Lév.; Vandellia crustacea (L.) Benth.);
Brittle False Pimpernel, Malaysian false pimpernel; Malayalam — katu-pee-tsjanga-puspam; 
Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas By Francis . Pennell (1943- Description & Keys- L. pyxidaria (syn. of Lindernia procumbens (Krock.) Philcox as per The Plant List), parviflora, crustacea, hookeri, cordifolia (syn. of Lindernia anagallis (Burm. f.) Pennell as per The Plant List), nummularifolia, angustifolia (syn. of Lindernia micrantha D. Don as per The Plant List), verbenaefolia, anagalisciliata)

Prostrate, diffusely branched herbs, rooting at nodes; stem 4-angled, slightly winged on angles. Leaves 0.8-1.5 x 0.7-1.2 cm, ovate, base truncate, margin serrate, apex subacute, penninerved; petiole c. 5 mm long. Flowers axillary, solitary or 2-per node on terminal racemes; pedicel 1-1.2 cm long. Calyx c. 4 mm long, divided to 1/3, 5-ribbed, lobes elliptic-lanceolate, ciliate on margins. Corolla rose to purple, tube c. 5 mm long. Stamens 4, didynamous; lower pair of stamens with a subulate appendage at the middle of filament. Ovary globose. Capsule c. 5 mm long, 2-3 mm across, ovoid. Seeds minute, many.  

Flowering and fruiting: August-November
Moist deciduous forests and waste lands
Africa, America and Tropical and Subtropical Asia

The species occurs from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh east to China and Japan, and south through Indochina, the Philippines and the Malay Peninsula to Indonesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and Australia (Yamazaki 1990, Cook 1996, Kress et al. 2003, Nguyen et al. 2005, Newman et al. 2007, Ahmed 2009, Kwek et al. 2009, Maxwell 2009).
The species grows in a wide range of wet and dry habitats, with var. crustacea occurring in predominantly dry habitats and var. godefroyi in wetlands. It can occur in dry roadsides, lawns, rice fields, riversides, swamps, sandy river banks, low-lying pastures and drying-out tanks, sometimes near the sea-shore. 0-1,100 m alt.

According to “Plant Groups” (H. Mukherji), Lindernia crustacea F.Muell. = Vandellia crustacea Benth., a common weed (under Scrophulariaceae). I hope my pictures are of the same species.
Habit & Habitat : wild herb under shade in my front yard, a moist place; about 12 cm tall
Date : 15/8/12, 11.52 A.M.
Place : Nalikul (Hooghly)
Links visited :

Yes, Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.v. Muell. Syn: Capraria crustacea L.; Vandellia crustacea (L.) Benth.

Yes this plant is Lindernia crustacea


Lindernia sp. (2) from Hooghly 15/8/12 SK-2: Is it also Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell. ?

Habit & Habitat : wild herb on pond steps; about 10 cm tall
Date : 8/6/12, 09.06 A.M.
Place : Nalikul (Hooghly)
Links visited :


Attached are pictures of Lindernia crustacea captured in my pot garden growing as a weed in Mumbai in September 2012.
Requested to please confirm ID.

Yes, these pics belong to Lindernia crustacea….

Herb for identification : 220912 RV 1:
Please help to identify this herb found on Khapoli/Pali road about 100 km away from Mumbai.

Hopefully Torenia cordifolia

It is Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.v. Muell.

Yes you are right … this should be Lindernia crustacea

Yes Lindernia crustacea of Linderniaceae family.


Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muel collected from Kamrup district (Metro), Assam : Attachments (10). 1 post by 1 author.

Attached images are Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muel collected from Kamrup district (Metro), Assam. 
Date :22.07.2013
Location: At my residence, Kamrup district(Metro), Assam
Family : Linderniaceae
Genus & species : Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muel
Habitat: Grows wild on damp places
Habit : Herbs 


Scrophulariaceae Fortnight: Lindernia crustacea from Kaithal- NS 29 :  Attachments (6). 1 post by 1 author.
This  winter annual was shot from Kaithal and Panipat..
I hope this is Lindernia crustacea (L.) F. Muell. Linderniaceae


Scrophulariaceae fortnight :: Lindernia crustacea at Andheri :: DV06 : 2 images. 1 post by 1 author.
Lindernia crustacea (L.) F. Muell. also placed in: Linderniaceae Plantaginaceae Veronicaceae at MIDC Andheri on 24 AUG 07

plz help in id confirmation a small prostrate herb, leaves with serrate margins
found growing in a grassland
i found it matched with Lindernia crustacea of scrophulariaceae but i am not sure


Species identification:
Can anyone identify the species of this Lindernia it is quite common in and around Mumbai and appears around the monsoon

I think this is Lindernia crustacea

The size of the leaves and the colour of the flower doesnot match in the Flora of Maharashtra Vol.II page 538

Please provide a picture of flower from front and side that shows the calyx lobes, preferably a close up. I am interested in knowing whether the calyx lobe’s cleft reaches the base of the calyx or not. The close
up can be a cropped one from a bigger sized picture to confirm the species.

The following are the size of the leaves and flower.
Flower entire 1.2 cm
Petal 0.3 to 0.4 cm
Sepal 0.4 cm
Fruit capsule 0.3 to 0.4 cm
Leaf L = 1.4 cm + with petiole = 1.9 cm
B = 1.2 cm

Yes it is
Lindernia crustacea (L.) Mueller., Syst. Cens. Gen. Austral. Pl. 97, 1882; Almeida, Fl. Mah. 3: 402, 2001; Singh et al, Fl. Mah. St. 2: 538, 2001.
Synonyms: Capraria crustacea L., Mant. 87, 1767. Vandelia crustacean Bth., Scroph. Ind. 35, 1835; Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 279, 1884; Cooke, Fl. Pres. Bombay 2: 366, 1958 (Repr.). Torenia crustacea Cham. & Schlecht. in Linnaea 2: 370,1827.
Status: Common, endemic to Asia.


NA01/07 Id required : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 3 Mb each.

Id required for the plant usually seen growing in flower pots
Location: Thane, Maharashtra
Date: 27th August 2014

Please check probability of Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell., which is common wild species here (West Bengal) in damp places.

Thank you, Sir! I have seen it more during monsoon months.

Yes, Ma’am, my records are also in August!

Torenia thouarsii (Cham. & Schltdl.) Kuntze (accepted name) ?? : 9 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)
Sharing some pictures I guess is Torenia thouarsii (Cham. & Schltdl.) Kuntze (accepted name) syn: Torenia parviflora Buch.-Ham. ex Wall. (synonym) shot at Pashupati Forest Kathmandu on 16 October 2016 at 4400 ft. 

Pl. see with comparative images at Torenia

This is not torenia.
It is Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.v. Muell., 

Thank you for correcting ID.
Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl. (accepted name)
Lindernia crustacea (L.) F. Muell. (synonym)

ID pending.

It is Lindernia crustacea as per complete thread.


for id. request. BRS 522 : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 3 authors.
Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. confirmation.

Location: Adyar, Chennai
Date: 11.11.2013
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Herb.

It is Lindernia crustacea ( L. ) F.Muell.


lobeliaceae/campanulaceae : Attachments (1). 3 posts by 3 authors.
Is it lobelia trigona..?

It is Scrophulariaceae. Seems Lindernia procumbens.

Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.v. Muell.

Herb of Java for ID : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
My friend would like to know the name of the following procumbent herb please.  Location Purwokerto 75 m alt.

… most probably Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell. of Linderniaceae.

Lindernia crustacea——for validation : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Kindly validate if this is Lindernia crustacea or not. Photos taken at Aambyvalley Rd, Off Lonavala, Pune in Nov.16. Unfortunately I could not get a closeup shot of the flower.

Looks different. Pl. check other species at

can’t say which species is this.

Yes it is Lindernia crustacea for sure.

On rechecking, I agree with …, for id as Lindernia crustacea

Kokan :: Lindernia crustacea (?) :: ARK2019-54 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Requesting to please ID these flowers. A cropped pic is also attached.
They were growing in a field post harvest. The pics were captured near Devgad, coastal Kokan, MH in Apr 2019.
… has suggested Lindernia crustacea, requested to please validate.

From another thread:
I agree with … for Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell.


SYMBIOSIS : 1387 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Attaching a collage of Common Grass Yellow visiting flowers of Asystasia species.

Not Asystasia as per comparative images herein.
May be some Lindernia (as per comparative images herein) species like Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell.

I agree. Lindernia crustacea

Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl. : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)-1, 2 & 3 mb.
Location:  Harthok, Palpa
Date: 25 September 2019
Elevation:1400 m.
Habit : Wild
Syn : Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell.

Attachments (2)- 2 & 4 mb.

face of the flower picture?

I missed that …!

I forgot to tell you I loved the last habit picture a lot

SYMBIOSIS : 1402 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Attaching a collage of Wasp species visiting flowers of Lindernia crustacea.

Lindernia Species for ID : Zarwani Forest, Gujarat : 03JAN20 : AK-2 : 11 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
A very tiny plant seen in the forest during my visit in November,19.
Seems to be Lindernia Species.

Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl.
Syn : Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell.

Other recipients:
I agree .
I agree

Images are too small to see any details.
Pl. post min. 1000 pixel by 800 pixel or larger images for this and in future. 

Attaching a original image.
Attachments (1)- 6 mb. 

Lindernia crustacea

Thanks for the id. You had suggested the same earlier.

Validation of Lindernia : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Request to validate Lindernia crustacea from Mahe.
Photographed in July 2020

Other recipients:
I guess correct ID ! Thank you. Saroj Kasaju

I guess correct ID !

Id’ing tiny purplish-white flower : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
Bhopal. Sandstone derived soil. 25/8/2020

Torenia sp.

looks like Torenia cordifolia

I think Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell. as per comparative images at Lindernia
Looks different from Torenia as per comparative images herein.

Yes, Lindernia looks more like it. Thank you.


SK 3258 24 December 2021: 9 very high res. images.

Location: Surkhet, West Nepal
Date: 27 August 2021 
Habit : Wild
Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl. ??

Yes, it appears close to images at Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell.

Thank you Mr. Garg !


Herb for ID from Jim-Corbett Uttarakhand-GS10032022-2: 4 very high res. images.
Please help with the ID of small herb photographed from Jim-Corbett, Nainital District, Uttarakhand, 5-10-2013

Lindernia crustacea (L.) F.Muell.


POWO (Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl.) Catalogue of Life (Torenia crustacea (L.) Cham. & Schltdl.)
The Plant List  Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas By Francis . Pennell (1943)

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