Moluccas, New Guinea, Australia (Western Australia, Northern Territory,
Queensland), China (introduced) (Fujian (introduced), Guangdong (introduced),
Guangxi (introduced), Hainan (introduced)), Taiwan (introduced), Surinam
(introduced), French Guiana? (introduced), Belize (introduced), Honduras
(introduced), Andaman Isl. (introduced), Nicobar Isl. (introduced), Burma
(introduced), Pakistan (introduced),
Laos (introduced), Trinidad & Tobago
(introduced), Cameroon (introduced), Mozambique (introduced), Benin (introduced)
as per Catalogue of Life;
Cajuput Tree, Fine leaf melaleuca, Punk tree, Swamp tea tree, white tea tree, White wood • Hindi: शीतांशु Shitanshu, विशाहा Vishaha • Marathi: कायापुटी kayaputi • Tamil: கையாப்புடை kaiyapputai • Malayalam: Cajeputier • Sanskrit: कायापुटी kayaputi;

Melaleuca leucadendra, or Melaleuca leucadendron, is a tree belonging to the Melaleuca genus. The common name, Cajeput Tree, is derived from the Malay word kayu putih (old Indonesian spelling: kaju putih) – meaning “white wood”.  

The tree has thick spongy bark, similar to the Broad-leaf paperbark Tea Tree (Melaleuca quinquenervia)‘. However, the foliage of Melaleuca leucadendra is of a brighter green and has a slightly weeping habit.[1] 
Cajuput oil can be distilled from the tree’s leaves. Melaleuca leucadendra is cultivated as an ornamental tree for parks and gardens. It is also used as a screen or windbreak. It tolerates dry conditions. 
(From Wikipedia on 12.5.13)

A beautiful tree with a curious trunk! Lalbagh-14 06 09
Looks like the bottlebrush tree to me. In fact it is

I think this tree is indeed of Cajuput, whose leaves resemble to that of Acacia auriculiformis OR Eucalyptus species and the flowers are long spikes at the end of branches.

I see the (white) bottelbrush tree leaves are relatively shorter and somewhat narrow elliptic, pointed at both ends, and the flower spikes often end slightly before the end of branch, showing some foilage at the tip. 
Here are photos that I have:
Please correct me, if wrong views.

this plant is Melaleuca leucadendron (L.) Bth. Fl. Austral. 3: 142, 1876; Duthie in Hook. f. Fl. Brit. India 2: 465, 1879; Bailey, Man. Cult. Pl. 726,
1949. Synonyms: Myrtus leucodendron L., Mant. 105, 1771.
Common names: Cajuput tree, Punk tree, Kayaputi
There are 2-3 trees in VJBU, Byculla. a huge one just after the entrance on the left side. the trunk is very soft and papery.

Trees of Lalbagh, Bangalore – Melaleuca leucadendron – Cajuput tree : 6 images.

The name of Cajuput Tree is derived from the Malay word Kayuputi – meaning “white wood”. The botanical species name also comes from from the Greek leukos (white) and dendron (tree).  
The tree has a long flexible trunk with irregular ascending branches, covered with a pale thick, lamellated bark it is soft and spongy and from time to time throws off its outer layer in flakes;
leaves entire, linear, lanceolate, ash colour, alternate on short foot-stalks.
White stalkless flowers occur on long spikes, reminiscent of bottle-brush.  
The leaves have a very aromatic odour and the oil is distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs, and is volatile and stimulating with an aroma like camphor, rosemary, or cardamom seeds  
Reference: Flowers of India

I see the flowers now, not sure whether its the flowering season of the tree

We have two trees in the Panjab University Botanical Gardens, Chandigarh…and every person looking at the tree is compelled to at least once try his/her hand in pressing the multi-layered papery bark….some even try to punch it to feel its depth….but that is obviously not permitted….



Its blooming now. I found two trees nearby park 

6 images.

melaleuca leucadendron: Anyone knows the presence of Melaleuca leucadendron in India.

there are a couple of trees in lalbagh, bangalore


Attached are pictures of Melaleuca leucadendron captured at a cultivated garden in Mumbai in April 2013.

Attached are pictures of Melaleuca leucadendron captured at Mumbai, Jijamata Udyan in August 2014.

Melaleuca leucodendron from Mumbai.
Commonly known as Cajuput Tree.
A huge tree.




I think this could be Melaleuca leucadendron?? Pl. validate.
Location: Mumbai.

I think so… white bottle brush or paper bark tree aptly implies the diagnosis and your tree seems to show these features.

The leaves are also befitting the dx.

All I want to know is this a street tree or in some private garden or botanical garden and is there a tell tale scent to the leaves?




Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight: Myrtaceae- Melaleuca leucadendron at Jijamata udyan Mumbai -PKA-DEC62: : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6).
Melaleuca leucadendron at Veer Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai.





Crassulaceae, Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight : Myrtaceae : Melaleuca leucadendron : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 25DEC14 : AK-85 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3) 

From Lalbagh, Bangalore.

Common name Cajeput Tree.



SK742 20 SEP-2017:ID : 9 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Location:  Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden,
                 Kolkata, India
Date: 8 September 2017
Elevation : 25 ft.

Myrtaceae member? 


Thank you …! Callistemon salignus (Sm.) Colv. ex Sweet  ????

Melaleuca alternifolia (Maiden & Betche) Cheek – Myrtaceae

Please verify. This is what the great App of Dr. Sabapathy telling. 

Thank you … for the ID ! The location is correct !

Does not match with images of Melaleuca alternifolia at
I think close to images at Melaleuca leucadendra (L.) L.

I guess … is right. 

Any further check required friends ?


030911-MS -42- ID confirmation of Melealeuca sps.: I am attaching the photographs of Melealeuca sps (Melaleuca leucadendron ?) Photographed on 10.8.2011. Place. Lalbagh, Bangalore. The nature of the trunk and the bark structure are very of this tree.

A close up of branch in flower should help.

I tried my best. But I could not locate. Unfortunately, the tree was not in flower when I visited. I will try to get the photograph of the flower when I visit next time.

I think Melaleuca leucadendra (L.) L. as per images herein.


14 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4) 
Pictures taken earlier at the garden.

Probably Melaleuca leucadendron.
Experts kindly validate. 

tree trunk and bark?? its bark is unique. any open flowers? 

I have tree trunk and open flower pictures, but not taken at the same time.
Know  Melaleuca leucadendron tree well. 
But in these pictures with buds, I am unable to decide between Melaleuca and Corymbia citriodora.
These two trees are close by in the garden .

tree trunk and bark pictures of the same tree? if you are sure then i would appreciate seeing them

Yes it is Melaleuca leucadendron. nice papery bark

Thanks for confirming my suggested id. 

nice papery bark ” where does mr pardeshi see this in your pictures

did you send some in?
i have not received them even though i requested

i had observed those papery bark at Jijamata Udyan..
i am attaching the pic for you…need to search for more closeup in my database
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thats nice. i have seen thousands of these trees. did not need to see your tree. i wanted to see the case presenter’s tree bark picture to make sure. she had the right one.
Southern california and florida are replete with these, though there we call them MELALEUCA QUINQUENERVIA or Paperbark tree.
In florida its considered the most ecologically damaging tree. we had to learn to recognize the young to get them out.etc etc 
Though they do grow in bengal and Bihar nobody thinks they are weedy may be because the cajuput oil is medicinal in our indigenous system.
currently i even get honey from their flowers. there a large numbers all over bhawanipore area , ballygunge area and even some in southern kolkata. in our Shibpur botanical garden.
any way thanks … always happy to see your input

Thanks … Since I wasn’t sure of the id, it was pointless attaching more pictures taken at a different date, thereby adding to the confusion in id.

I had posted the pictures only because I wasn’t sure if it was  Melaleuca leucadendron.
Now that the id is confirmed, I can safely add the pictures of flowers and the bark, although taken at a different date.
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that s ok 


Mass plants of Melaleuca leucadendra ( L.) L in flowering, fruting stage in mixed plantation found at Balukhanda reserve forest, Puri, Odisha., altitude- varies 0 to 10 mtr from MSL.,
observed one Fani affected 20 ft ht tree, girth 20 “, altenate leaves, a standard leaf length 6.5cm, width1.5cm, with 5 longitudinal distinct veins, creamy white bottlebrush flowers, woody capsuled fruits, whitish barked trunk, locally this tree is called Bhuja/ Bhoja patra tree, peeled thin sheet from main bark is used sacredly in pujas by Sadhus, Sants here since long,
One Sant, Pramod Misraji also says- the same species mass plants are at right side of place called Bhojbasa, 19 km away from Gangotri way to Gomukh, Sir, this is for your kind validation, 

Yes, appears close to images at Melaleuca leucadendra

For me the ID is correct.  




Shrub for Id SN18620 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Callistemon ? cultivated ornamental shrub from A Hotel near Dehradun

Yes. Mostly C.citrinus – looking at the leaves. 

Callistemon citrinus is possible as per comparative images at Callistemon
But can not say much without flowers.