commonly known as: blue dewflower, blue dove weed • Marathi: नीलीमा nilima;

Murdannia spirata from Below Bababudangiri Peak-GS12022022-4: 4 very high res. images.
Murdannia spirata photographed from Below Bababudangiri Peak, Karnataka, 26-9-2015

Looks different from images at Murdannia spirata (L.) G.Brückn.

It is something else.
Pl. check comparative images at Murdania.
Alos check with images at Murdannia gigantea (Vahl) G.Brückn., but basal leaves look different (if these are from the same plant).

This more looks Murdannia simplex or gigantea to me. It must be having the rosette.

Is this image OK for the suggested species?

Thank you for additional image. Not gigantea, it could be Murdannia simplex. It was growing under story or in elevated open situations? I have seen Murdannia loriformis also prefers undergrowth.

Thanks …, not sure now about habitat.

For time being will consider this as Murdannia simplex, as it has lateral inflorescence.


KAS Week : (Murdannia simplex-01/10/2012-NJ):
Murdannia simplexNilima in Marathi

Kas Week :: DV :: 28 SEP 08 – 0230 :: Murdannia simplex:
Kas plateauabout 4000 ft asl
… one of the 39 World Heritage sites in the Western Ghats of India

28 SEP 08
Murdannia simplex (Vahl) Brenan … (family: Commelinaceae)
mur-DAN-ee-uh — named for M. Murdan Ali, plant collector at Saharanpur Botanic GardenDave’s Botanary
SIM-plecks — simple, unbranchedDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: blue dewflower, blue dove weed • Marathi: नीलीमा nilima
Distribution: tropical east Africa, Madagascar, China, India, Indo-China
References: Flowers of IndiaeFloraFlowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar

This is one of the best of your photographs from Kas. Nilima is looking too beautiful, appropriate name for this plant.


Kas week : Murdannia simplex SMP:
Murdannia simplex.
As against Murdannia lanuginosa this is slightly bigger herb 30-50cm with longer internodes.
Leaves alternate 15-30 cm linear acute. sheathing at base, hairy. Flowers in terminal panicles.

KAS Week DS_081012_04 Help with id:
This set is also from Kas, 22nd Sep 2012.
Seems the stick has lost flowers .
Please help.

These are buds of Murdannia simplex with a sticky substance characteristic to Commelinaceae.

Kas week:: PKA47:: Murdannia simplex- Nilima:
Murdannia simplex (Family: Commelinaceae)


It is my pleasure to present few images of Murdannia simplex (Commelinaceae 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Wild, Montane forest among grass. 

Sighting: Bababudangiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka about 1500 msl 

Date: 13-09-2014, 21-09-2024 and 29-08-2015

Liked the last two the most.


Tiny Herb for ID : Borgad Conservation Reserve : Nasik : 12SEP22 : AK-02: 2 images.
A very tiny herb was seen at the base of Borgad yesterday (12.9.22).

Murdannia Species? !

Murdannia simplex (Vahl) Brenan is possible, but difficult to say with these images.



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