Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell , Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 2: 261 1850. (Syn: Pimpinella pinetorum Merr.);
India (NW-Ghats (Maharashtra to Goa)), Philippines (I) as per Catalogue of Life;

Images by (Satish Phadke – validation by Tanay Bose) (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade) 


Plant for ID SMP2 – 26/03/2011: Tamhini
A prostrate herb.10-15cm length
Leaves ?cauline.Compound, Pinnate…; As seen in picture.
Flowers white; In umbels2-3cm
I think this is Pimpinella adscendens.
Please validate. 

I think you are correct 




Apiaceae week plant for identification from Nashik : 15 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)

attaching images of Apiaceae member for identification. please identify

Thanks, …
Pl. check comparative images at Apiaceae & Angelica, Bupleurum, Chaerophyllum, Daucus, Eryngium, Heracleum, Pimpinella, Selinum & Seseli 

Fair chance of it being Pinda/ Polyzygs sp., most likely P. concanensis [Pinda concanensis (Dalzell) P.K. Mukh. & Constance].
With available data it will always remain a guess.

This is definitely not Pinda, my apologies.
Apiaceae without close up images and images of fruit is truly difficult (for non-experts).

Pls inform location of collection. My 1st guess is Pimpinella wallichiana.
Pls also let me know the height of the plant

location mountain top, height about 3 feet

I think my id will be correct then. P.wallichiana is a tall and attractive apiaceae member. Chordate leaves also match

On perusal of comparative images at Pimpinella
Thanks, … for the initial Id.

Thanks …,  But … has mentioned that the plant was 3 ft tall and had chordate leaves. P.adscendens is neither 3 ft tall nor has chordate leaves.

Thanks, … Leaves & habit are visible in the posted pictures.

Thank you all, … i din’t mention that leaves are cordate, i just mentioned that in flora of Nashik leaves of P wallichiana are described as cordate (leaves in the images dont look so) any way good discussion so we settle for Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell 

Sorry …,   But I still go with P.wallichiana. P.adsecdens, as I have seen in and around nashik, is a very small plant which trails on the ground and inflorescence stalk rising upwards. Locally people call it ‘Gaajri’ and the leaves are edible.
P.wallichiana is tall as a meter and I have also seen taller ones. It is a favorite of rock bees.
Even if u did not say ‘chordate’, …, I am sorry to have said that, but ur pictures do show chordate leaflets.
I think we should ask some else to respond on this also.




identification no. 100417sn1 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

I think this is from Apiaceae family, but cannot place the exact species.

please help in identification
location:Aambyvalley Rd.,Lonavala,Pune
height:about 2-3 ft.

Thanks, … Pl. Check comparative images in efi at Apiaceae page. 

I had already tried the Apiaceae page but was unable to find any matching images. May be it is Pimpinella sp.. Any hint would be ideal

I think close to images at Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell
Also looks close as per high resolution specimen at



at Bhandardhara in hilly area in November 2008; A Creeper for Id 25 Aug 09 SNPa – indiantreepix | Google Groups



This prostrate herb was seen by the roadside in the Tamhini ghat near Pune, MH in Aug 2019.
Requested to please provide ID.

I think close to Pimpinella adscendens Dalzell as per comparative images at Apiaceae.


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