Pimpinella species;


Goa photo for identification – 4: Please let me know the name

May be Pimpinella sp.



Apiaceae Week :: Pimpinella tomentosa: Pimpinella tomentosa (Dalz. et Gibs.) Clarke

… notes not made

Endemic to: Western Ghats (of Maharashtra, India)

19 OCT 07, enroute Kas plateau ~ 3700 ft asl

Another view of same plant:
19 OCT 07, enroute Kas plateau ~ 3700 ft asl

Please validate the ID.

this only photos of mine will not help in ID of Pimpinella.
Therefore requesting to not consider this post for ID.

This is at least not Pimpinella tomentosa .


KAS Week::(Pimpinella tomentosa 05/10/2012 NJ): Pimpinella tomentosaBishops weed – (Ranjire– Marathi)
Pl. validate

I feel that the flowers in the images posted are probably different.

The first one seems to be Pimpinella while second one seems to be Trachyspermum roxburghianum.

But the flowering seasons of both of them are completely different. Could you check if this is a mixup and more images of leaves could be of help.



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