African Mangosteen, Lowveld Mangosteen, Imbe;


Garcinia livingstonei:
Native of Africa. Observed flowering in Kolkata bot. garden Dec 2010.

– I have seen the fruiting trees in Thailand.  It is one of the major fruit items in the Bankok fruit markets and very tasty also.


Trees oF Lalbagh, Bangalore – Garcinia livingstonei – African Mangosteen Tree: What a fruit.

Garcinia livingstonei is a small tree reaching 18 m in East Africa, pyramidal when young but later spreading, with thick, woody young branches and yellow to red resin.
Leaves usually 3 in a whorl (may be 4 or opposite), variable in shape but usually egg- or lance-shaped, generally 60-110 × 30-55 mm, blue-green with whitish veins, waxy. Flowers in groups of 5-15 in leaf axils on old wood, greenish, whitish or yellow, scented, male and bisexual flowers of different structure. Fruit an orange berry, 10-40 mm in diameter, with yellowish orange, sticky juice.


Garcinia livingstonei – 171012 – RK:
Pics of G.livingstonei [African Mangosteen] taken on 14/10/12 at 10.30 am in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore.

very nice. what a treasure trove is this lalbagh.. I am jealous.
may be BSI can send Shibpur folks to Bangalore to learn a thing or two…

Lalbagh has definitely picked up.. I see quite a few interesting new young trees/shrubs. This tree i’ve seen so many times but had largely ignored – there seemed to be nothing special about it -except for very unkempt branches. But last Sunday was a very special surprise to see it had burst into bloom!

Garcinia livingstoneii – 201214 – RK – 4 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4).
African MangosteenLalbagh, Bangalore – 12/10/2014


Tree fro ID SN15April13 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Calophyllum?, cultivated tree from Cubbon park Bangalore

Seems to be a Garcinia Species.
Could be Garcinia livingstonei, common name African Mangosteen.

To me this tree from Cabbon Park, Bangalore seems to be Calophyllum inophyllum (ALEXANDRIAN LAUREL)

I go with Garcinia livingstonei

I agree with …, it is Garcinia livingstonei


Kolkata, December 2021 :: Tree for ID :: ARK2022-020: 5 images.

This was clicked at the Indian Botanic Garden (AJCB Garden) at Shibpur, Howrah, WB  in December 2021.
Based on efi pics and the location of the tree, I think this is Garcinia livingstonei, however it could well be off the mark.
Requested to please ID.

Yes, appears close to images at Garcinia livingstonei (Cultivated)