Citrus aurantium L., Sp. Pl. 2: 782-783 782 1753. (Syn: Citrus × paradisi Macfad. ….;      (=) Citrus amara Link; (=) Citrus bigarradia Loisel.; (=) Citrus vulgaris Risso);
grapefruit ;

Fruits & Vegetables Week: Citrus paradisii, the Grape fruit:
Citrus paradisii, the Grape fruit, another large fruit of the American continent, a hybrid between C. sinensis and C. maxima.
Fruit is orange-yellow up to 15 cm across. The fruit is acidic and varrying in sweetness, the pulp white, pink to reddish.

–  We two eat one fruit every morning. It is sour to sweet and a bit bitter too. But with plenty of sugar it tastes very well.


Fruits & Vegetables Week: Citrus paradisii, the Grape fruit here my fotos: The color can be from yellow to red. Taste, sour-sweet and a bit bitter!


Rutaceae Week: Bitter Orange – wartlike skin from Chandagal:
Citrus aurantium
Fruit Size-7-12cms, Leaf size ~15cms
Chandagal, Mysore
19 Aug 2009


grapefruit plants:
Can somebody help me byr letting me know where in Mumbai, Delhi or Pune can one get grapefruit plants?

Near Mumbai there is a nursery called Pathare Nursery. The address is as follows :
Pathare Nursery
Near Shivaji Chowk,
Ambedkar Road, Kalyan
Tel: 0251-2203966
You will get all types of grafted fruit trees. Once I enquired about the grapefruit graft. They are selling it.

Citrus tree for ID :: Jammu :: May2018 MK002 : 16 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2)
Fruit image image is not clear.



please find attached the cropped images.
Attachments (2)


Sorry. Not if it’s 20 cm fruit.

Also check species available with images at Citrus


it is Citrus aurantium (sour orange or khatta) locally known as Gohdah khatta.
Attaching a comparative photograph for reference.


Rutaceae Week: Citrus paradisi Maf. from California:
Citrus paradisi Macfad., Bot. Misc. 1:304. 1830

Common name: Grapefruit
Fruit large like Citrus grandis, reaching 15 cm in diameter, rind much thinner and orange yellow in colour, leaves smaller and glabrous on veins and pulp vesicles more tightly packed.
Photographed from California

Another confuser for me. It appears like mosambi – not sure if they are sold in Indian markets.

Please ignore the last photograph. …, The broadly winged petiole is distinctive for both C. grandis and C. paradisi

Id of a tree bearing flower and fruit : 8 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (2).
Which Is this tree bearing flowers and a fruit ?
Saw it in Kakoijana village near Manas National Park, Guwahati. Date- 03.03.2014

May be some member of Rutaceae.

Citrus sp.?,,,,,,

Grape fruit! Citrus!

The flower and fruit looks like Pomelo (Citrus grandis) to me. However i cannot be sure as i have not seen the flower and fruit of grape fruit(Citrus x paradisi). The shape of the fruit is a dead giveaway. While Pomelo is kind of pear shaped, grapefruit is usually fully round.

Thanks … In Pomelo the petals look bit roundish while in grapefruit slightly elongated. Even the fruit doesn’t seem to be pear-shaped. It is almost round. I feel it should be paradisi but i would still like to confirm.

It is not Citrus. The leaf-shape does not match. Uploading the few photos from my house.

Yes C. paradisi looks good, C. grandis (now C. maxima) would have much larger fruit

Both POWO and CoL give it a syn. of Citrus aurantium L.


Citrus Species for ID : Nasik : 04MAY21 : AK-03: 2 images.
Citrus flowers seen in a farm.
A small tree.

Looks more like Citrus maxima. Kannada Chakotha grown here.

Thanks, …, for the suggestion.
Citrus species are better identified by fruits.
Any specific reason as to why is it cultivated in a farm ?
Is it (if Citrus maxima) locally used ?

It was a single tree with other fruit trees around the farm house.


There is no fruit picture ??? I did what best I could do after verification.

I received a reply from the owner of the farm.
It is Grapefruit.

MS,Dec.,2020/22 Citrus sp. for id.
Location : Marpara, Mizoram
Altitude : 10-900 m

Date : 20-12-2020
Habit : Shrub
Habitat : Cultivated
Size of fruit : L= 10-11.5 cm dia.
           B or W= 8.5-10 cm dia.
Note : Fruit is acid, very juicy, edible

Citrus limon ?

I think same as in other posts at Citrus hystrix

I think this may also be Citrus aurantium as per MS,Sept,2021/13 Citrus sp. for id

MS,Sept,2021/13 Citrus sp. for id: 3 images.
Location : Kolasib, Mizoram

Date : 07-08-2019
Habit : Large shrub
Habitat : Cultivated

I hope Citrus aurantium


MS,Oct.,2021/10 Citrus sp. for id.: 5 images.
Location : Luangpawl & Marpara

Date : 02-03-2016(fl.) & 20-12-2020(fr.)
Habit : Shrub
Habitat : Cultivated
Mizo : Sêrtuibûr
Note : Fruit very juicy

Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck

Not C. grandis, with such narrow petiole wing

I think this may also be Citrus aurantium as per MS,Sept,2021/13 Citrus sp. for id



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