Wodyetia bifurcata A.K.Irvine, Principes 27: 163 1983.;




Palm for id 030311MK2: Kindly help to id this palm, located in a nursery near Chennai. I have also seen this tree being planted in city for ornamental purposes.

Date: 08 Jan 2011
Place: Padappai, Chennai
Altitude: c 10 msl
Height of tree: 5-8 M
leaf rachis: 1-1.5 M

Yes it is Wodyetia bifurcata from the pinnate leaf, crown shaft, single stem and leaflets in 4 planes. It is called as Fox-tail Palm and originates from Australia.

Wodyetia is a monotypic genus with W. bifurcata, endemic to Queensland. Taxonomically it is supposed to be very sound.





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Most of the world was unaware of the existence of this ‘spectacular’ palm until 1978, when an Aboriginal man brought it to botanists and the world’s attention.
Flowering: White flowers stalk that comes from the base of the crownshaft.
Foliage: Variance of greenish colors; deep green to light green colors. Received its more commonly known Australian-English name from the appearance of its foliage, which is in a shape of a fox’s tail.
Fruits: 2 inches long. Olive green to green in the early stages. Orange red when ripe.
Trunk: Similar to the king palm, the foxtail palm trunk is smooth, thin, and self-cleaning. It grows a single, double, or triple trunk that is slightly spindle-shaped to columnar reaching heights of about 30 ft. The trunk also has a closely ringed, dark grey to light gray color which slowly turns more and more white.
The crownshaft of the foxtail palm is light to bright green and slightly swollen at the base (From Wikipedia)  
Seen during the Tree Appreciation Walk in Feb,2014.

Beautiful photographs of another interesting palm.




adonidia sp ? : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)
Please ID the palm photographed at Lalbagh on 9th August 2018. 

one more page that shows foxtail palm seeds

The nuts on the left are Foxtail Palm Nuts. The dark-skinned nuts come from the Fan Palm tree. The green ones on the right are from the Queen Palm Tree. The Queen Palm nuts will ship green but will ripen into a lovely golden color. They may be given to your birds either green or ripened. We find our birds like them either way.
We find the palm nuts store well in the refrigerator for approximately a week. Others have reported to us that they have frozen theirs for extended storage and thaw them in a cup of hot water before serving.( to brds, is what they mean) 

Your inference is correct. I take it as Adonidia sps.

Thanks … Di for the ID.    

Thank you. that would make the fruits about 2 to 2.5 inches long and half that wide? and infer they are  elliptical. adonidia sp ? 
where as foxtail palm // Wodyetia bifurcata. fruits are round and much larger like a small dwarf orange or even a pingpong ball, if you please.
scroll down a bit in the page  to halfway….for a spectacular pic….
so right now i will stay with adonidia sp ? 

The size of the fruit is  around 4 to 5 cms lenght & 2- 3 cm breadth .

Thank you … i thought i had seen mature specimen of this in a nursery that sells palms. I am glad it matches.

Pps  do you recall size of the fruits??? 

Thanks …. Your ID is correct. Matches with photographs of Adonidia merrillii in the net.

Wodyetia bifurcata

adonidia sp ? size of the fruits?

I think these are more closer to images at Wodyetia bifurcata A.K.Irvine as suggested by … rather than those at Adonidia merrillii cultivated in India.
Leaves are totally different in both.

I send you my Adonidia  & Wodyetia images for comparison. Apologies if I am wrong.
Attachments (2)-  730 kb and 1 mb. 

thank you … foxtail palm

Wodyetia bifurcata from me too.
This is probably photographed near the West Gate.
There are quite a few there, close to the lake.


IDENTITY :: 63 a, 63 b, 63 c ( PALM SP ) : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)- around 950 kb each. 
Attaching three images of palm species for identification.

The fruits look like betel nut.

foxtail palm. Wodyetia bifurcata. fruits will turn red as they ripen. 
I want seeds after the fruit turns red 



Hospet, KA :: Wodyetia bifurcata :: ARK2020-049 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Saw the ripened fruits of the foxtail palm, Wodyetia bifurcata in a resort complex in Hospet, KA in October 2019.



Adonidia merrillii (Becc.) Becc. : 5 posts by 2 authors. 3 images- 7 mb each.

Location :  Koh Chang, Thailand
Date: 09 December 2019
Elevation : MSL
Habitat : Cultivated

I think Wodyetia bifurcata rather than Adonidia merrillii 


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