Pseuderanthemum latifolium (Vahl) B. Hansen (syn: Antheliacanthus micranthus Ridl.; Dianthera latifolia (Vahl) Benth. & Hook. fil. (ambiguous synonym); Ecbolium latifolium (Vahl) Kuntze; Eranthemum crenulatum Wall. (ambiguous synonym); Eranthemum elatum Kurz; Eranthemum latifolium (Vahl) Kurz; Eranthemum palatiferum (Wall.) Nees (ambiguous synonym); Justicia honamoriensis Herb. Madr. ex Wall.; Justicia latifolia Vahl; Justicia palatifera Wall. ex Nees; Justicia rubicunda Buch-Ham.; Pseuderanthemum palatiferus (Wall.) Radlk. ex Lindau; Rhytiglossa latifolia (Vahl) Nees) as per Catalogue of Life;
Pseuderanthemum latifolium (Vahl) B. Hansen, Nordic J. Bot. 9: 213. 1989. (Syn: Justicia latifolia Vahl; Eranthemum malabaricum C.B.Clarke; Pigafetta malabarica (Clarke) Alston; Pseuderanthemum malabaricum (Clarke) Gamble) as per A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon -, Volume 12 By M. D. Dassanayake (1998- Details with keys)
Pseuderanthemum latifolium (Vahl) B. Hansen, Nordic J. Bot. 9: 213. 1989. (Syn: Justicia latifolia Vahl, Symb. Bot. 2: 4. 1791; Antheliacanthus micranthus Ridley; Eranthemum palatiferum (Wallich) Nees; J. palatifera Wallich; Pseuderanthemum palatiferum (Wallich) Radlkofer.) as per Flora of China ;
Pseuderanthemum malabaricum Gamble, Fl. Madras 1064 1924. (Syn: Eranthemum malabaricum C.B.Clarke; Justicia honamoriensis Wall. (Unresolved); Pigafetta malabarica (C.B.Clarke) Alston (Unresolved)) as per The Plant List Ver.1.1;
Indian Subcontinent to China (Yunnan to Guangdong) and W. Malesia: Assam, Bangladesh, Borneo, Cambodia, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, Hainan, India, Laos, Malaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;
China (Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan), Cambodia, Bhutan, Darjeeling, India (peninsular India), peninsular Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar [Burma] (Bago, Kachin, Sagaing, Shan), Nepal, Bangladesh as per Catalogue of Life;
— false eranthemum; eranthemum meaning beautiful flower … Dave’s Botanary
mal-uh-BAR-ih-kum — of or from the Malabar Coast, southern India … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: Malabar false eranthemumKannada: ಬಿಳಿ ಗೋರಂಟೆ bili goranteMalayalam: ചുട്ടിമുല്ല chuttimullaTulu: ಬೊಳ್ಡು ಗೋರಂಟಿ boldu goranti

Shrubs, stem terete, white, smooth. Leaves 7-10 x 4 cm, elliptic, acuminate at both ends, glabrous, glaucous below, nerves 5 pairs; petiole to 2 cm long. Spike 3-8 cm long, terminal, slender; bracts and bracteoles similar, 3 mm long, linear. Flowers in small interrupted clusters; calyx 6 mm long, lobes united at base, acuminate; corolla tube 30 mm long, slender; lobes 10 mm long, obovate, equal; stamens 2, free, anthers oblong; stigma bilobed. Capsule 18 x 5 mm, clavate, basal portion solid; seeds 5 x 3 mm, compressed, reticulate.

Flowering and fruiting: December-March
Near streams in deciduous forests
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi

Pseuderanthemum malabaricum:
Pseuderanthemum malabaricum
Today at Phansad WLS, Maharashtra

Pseuderanthemum malabaricum hopefully:
Pseuderanthemum malabaricum hopefully
havelock island, andamans
last week of december
small woody shrub the tallest was about eighteen inches
white flowers without any markings on any of the flowers
i assume that most of the flowers had fallen in the storm earlier in the day, glabrous leaves
these plants were growing in a semi degraded forest

Nice photographs of P. malabaricum.
We have a huge collection of Andaman plants in our garden ( at Palode, Kerala.


ANDEC87 Pseuderanthemum malabaricum : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9)

Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka
28th December 2014

Detailed post, nothing remains to question, thanks …

Pseuderanthemum malabaricum Gamble
at Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary on March 20, 2011

So kind of you to show us this endemic.

via Species‎ > ‎P‎ > Pseuderanthemum malabaricum (C.B.Clarke) Gamble … family: Acanthaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
soo-der-RANTH-ee-mum — false eranthemum; eranthemum meaning beautiful flowerDave’s Botanary
mal-uh-BAR-ih-kum — of or from the Malabar Coast, southern IndiaDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: Malabar false eranthemumKannada: ಬಿಳಿ ಗೋರಂಟೆ bili goranteTulu: ಬೊಳ್ಡು ಗೋರಂಟಿ boldu goranti
botanical names: Pseuderanthemum malabaricum (C.B.Clarke) Gamble … synonyms: Eranthemum malabaricum C.B.Clarke … status at Kew Science
March 20, 2011 … Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Update, name added:
Malayalam: ചുട്ടിമുല്ല chuttimulla



SK 2440 07 February 2020 : 11 posts by 4 authors. 6 images- 5 to 7 mb.
Location :  Koh Chang, Thailand
Date: 08 December 2019
Elevation : MSL
Habitat : Wild
Which Pseuderanthemum ??

I think close to Pseuderanthemum latifolium as per comparative images at Pseuderanthemum

A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon -, Volume 12
edited by M. D. Dassanayake, Smithsonian Institution


Identification: (mixed thread): 1 correct image as above.
i have collected the species from Ranpur, Nayagarh district of Orissa. Please help me in identification

Place of collection: Ranpur
Altitude: 400 m above msl
Habit: Herb,
Flower solitary

    again i had sighted the species in the same place and i measured some of the characters.
    Field notes: Undershrub, leaves elliptic (up to 15 cm long), acuminate, flowers white, solitary, capsules and seeds were not visible during the time of collection
  Can it be Pseudoeranthemum malabaricum, Syn: Eranthemum malabaricum ? Please confirm.

    … to me it does look like Pseuderanthemum malabaricum … (.. please mind the typo : pesudo … must be pseud)
    For some views in my photostream:…

thanks for the identification, but i could not see the red dots on corolla. I think my specimen is lacking that
character. Please validate.

… frankly, am at a loss at commenting on the presence / absence of dots … not sure of the description put by the author. In many identities, (the dots,) the colour of flower in general varies for many reasons, yet the plant is considered to belong to particular species.
Please let us wait for comments on this point, as well as validation of your plant being Pseuderanthemum malabaricum. We may get to know of any other close species.



Pseudoeranthemum varriabile : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Pseudoeranthemum varriabile
Date/Time :27 Feb,2010  6.00 pm.
Location : Phansad WLS, Maharashtra
Habitat : wild
Plant Habit : Herb hieght up to 1 m
Leaves : opposite


Acanthaceae Week : Pastel Flower – Pseuderanthemum variabile : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Pastel Flower
false eranthemums
Pseuderanthemum variabile Acanthaceae (Please correct me if I am wrong)
Height 4-5 ft, Introduced. Shrub, 
Date: 10 10 2010
Haldipura, Uttara Kannada

Pseuderanthemum latifolium: 2 high res. images.
Pseuderanthemum latifolium
Behali Reserve Forest, Biswanath, Assam, India


Need – ID: Acanth annual in Goa: 2 correct images.


There are two species …, please separate species wise,

1998 & 1999 images are Ecobolium viride,

1995 & 1996 seems some Rhinacanthus sp.

I agree with you.

The pictures labelled IMG_1995.jpeg & IMG_1996.jpeg are of Pseuderanthemum latifolium (Vahl) B.Hansen [syn. Pseuderanthemum malabaricum (C.B.Clarke) Gamble].

You’re right


POWO  A Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylon -, Volume 12 By M. D. Dassanayake (1998- Details with keys)  Flora of Peninsular India  Flora of peninsular India 2  Herbarium Catalogue  The Plant List Ver.1.1  Flora of China  Dinesh Valke’s Flickr Post  Flowers of India  India Biodiversity Portal  IBIS Flora  GBIF (Pseuderanthemum latifolium (Vahl) B.Hansen) GBIF (Pseuderanthemum malabaricum Gamble)  POWO

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