Flowering Canthium dicoccum: please find attached few photos of Canthium dicoccum (RUBIACEAE) from Bettada beedu, Mysore district observed on 05.11.2011 at 10.00 am.

Canthium dicoccum is a Rubiaceae member.
Opposite leaves as one of the character of the family is depicted by … in the given pictures.
I am not sure how prominent the interpetiolar stipule is in this species!


KAS Week::(Canthium diccocum – 05/10/2012-NJ): Canthium diccocum – (Tupa in Marathi) on the way to Kas just before the plateau
Photo taken – end Oct.


Rubiaceae week: Canthium diccocum at Matheran: Came across this tree with shining leaves at “Sunset point, Matheran”.
Bot. name: Canthium diccocum
Marathi name: Tupa
Family: Rubiaceae

Excellent Close Up of flowers!!


15022012 TBN 1 PLANT FOR ID: Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:

Date : 18.02.11                                                           
Location :Alagarkoil western slopes
Altitude :1000 ft
Habitat :wild
Habit :small tree
Height :10 ft
Leaves :as in photo
Local name :not known?navugu

This is now Psydrax dicoccos; earlier Canthium dicoccum.


Psydrax dicoccos Gaertn: Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.

Psydrax dicoccos Gaertn (=Plectronia didyma(C.F. Gaertn) Bedd, Canthium dicoccum (Gaertn.) Merr.), Fam: Rubiaceae
small tree, Gopachandram, near Kamandoddi, Krishnagiri DT, Altitude around 850m
flowering, wild tree, near water stream,
the wood of the tree is called torch of the forest, because the fresh wood will burn well.

The bark and leaves are medicinal.


Identify this plant please (ii) : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9).

3rd May

Looks like Psydrax dicoccos, Rubiaceae  

Thank you for the id …


Attachments (3).
please identify this. Specimen was collected from Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, Iduki, Kerala.

Psydrax dicoccos Gaertn (=Plectronia didyma) ?

Psydrax dicoccos Gaertn


ANOCT79 Psydrax dicoccos (Canthium diccocum) :  2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5).

Nandi Hills
28th October 2014

Pl find the pictures of Canthium dicoccum and confirm the ID. Photo taken during 2011.

I think matches with images under various threads at Psydrax dicoccos, particularly the following:


Thanks … for updating the  name.

Fwd: MS/07/2017/2 : ID of a plant. : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Please identify this plant. Photographed in Adyar Poonga, Chennai during 2011.

Canthium of Rubiaceae?

I think it is Psydrax dicoccos Gaertn., var. dicoccos (Syn. Canthium didymum (Brandis) Hook.f., Plectronia didyma Benth. & Hook. f. ex Brandis, Canthium dicoccum (Gaertn.) Merr., )

Thanks …  In fact I also narrowed it to the same species.


Please validate the id Psydrax dicoccos. : 7 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (7)
Need validation.
Psydrax dicoccos
Family : Rubiaceae
March 2019
Chilkigarh , WB

seems to be matching in general

but the leaves width, does it seem a bit narrower in your specimen from what we have on this page?

Can anyone please explain specific differences between Psydrax dicoccos and P. umbellata?

Based on the above images, in the absence of fruit, my guess would have been P. umbellata, the species with which I am familiar.

Please, I think the main difference would be location, flowering time, shape and form

of flowers.
I pulled up 2 links.

thank you …

I have seen the links you provided. Not at all sure about the plant photographed at Matheran in the second link. I am trying to get detailed botanical descriptions to answer my question.


Canthium species for ID: A medium sized tree.
Leaves opposite coriaceous. Ovate elliptic.
All flowers were dried. One can be observed in the photo. nearly 1cm or so.
Fruits green maturing to black.
This was IDed as some Canthium species by ….
I haven’t seen any Canthium species so far.

Psydrax diococcus (= C.umbellatum), I think.

Psydrax umbellata (Wight) Bridson is an correct name for
Canthium dicoccum var. umbellatum (Wight) Santapau & Merchant
Canthium umbellatum Wight
Canthium umbellulatum Korth.
Plectronia didyma var. umbellata (Wight) Gamble
Plectronia korthalsii K.Schum.
Plectronia umbellata (Wight) K.Schum.

The var. umbellatum seems to have prominent peduncle as in:
So the posted picture could be of the typical var. of Psydrax diococcos Gaertn. (diococcos is said to be the correct spelling! Ref.: Bridson in Kew Bull. 40: 687. 1985.) Syn.: Canthium dicoccum (Gaertn.) Merr.
Tamil names: Koraa ªè£ó£ , Seeppu koraa ê¦ð¢¹ ªè£ó£


2 images.
Taken in the month of Feb in Talakona forests on the way to the waterfalls.

Canthium dicoccum



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