Koenigia alpina (All.) T.M.Schust. & Reveal (syn: Aconogonon alpinum (All.) Schur; Aconogonon alpinum var. elephantinum Stepanov; Aconogonon diffusum (Willd. ex Spreng.) N.N. Tzvel.; Aconogonon dshawachischwilii (Charkev.) Holub; Aconogonon dshawachischwilii (Charkev.) Sojak; Aconogonon jeholense (Kitagawa) Hara; Aconogonon polymorphum Nakai; Gononcus undulatus (Murr.) Raf.; Persicaria alpina (All.) H. Gross; Persicaria dshawachischwilii (Kharkev.) Cubey; Pleuropteropyrum alpinum (All.) Kitag.; Pleuropteropyrum japonicum (Maxim.) Nakai; Pleuropteropyrum jeholense Kitagawa; Pleuropteropyrum undulatum (Murr.) A. Löve & D. Löve; Polygonum acidum Pall.; Polygonum alpinum All.; Polygonum ciliatum Willd. ex Spreng.; Polygonum diffusum Willd. ex Spreng.; Polygonum divaricatum Vill.; Polygonum dshawachischwilii Charkev.; Polygonum jeholense (Kitag.) Baranov & Skvortsov ex S.X. Li & Y.L. Chang; Polygonum latifolium Kotschy ex Boiss.; Polygonum ochreatum Willd. ex Meisn.; Polygonum polymorphum Ledeb.; Polygonum polymorphum var. japonicum Maxim.; Polygonum sibiricum L. fil.; Polygonum undulatum Murr.; Polygonum weyrichii var. alpinum (All.) Maxim. ex Franch. & Sav.) as per Catalogue of Life;
Temp. Eurasia: Afghanistan, Albania, Altay, Amur, Assam, Austria, Bulgaria, Buryatiya, Central European Rus, China North-Central, Chita, Corse, East European Russia, France, Greece, Inner Mongolia, Iran, Irkutsk, Italy, Kazakhstan, Khabarovsk, Kirgizstan, Korea, Krasnoyarsk, Magadan, Manchuria, Mongolia, North Caucasus, North European Russi, Northwest European R, Pakistan, Qinghai, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Transcaucasus, Turkey, Tuva, Ukraine, West Himalaya, West Siberia, Xinjiang, Yakutskiya, Yugoslavia; introduced into: Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden as per POWO;


Plant for ID from Paddar valley J&K: 131111 SRANA 03:

Can this plant be Polygonum alpinum
Date: 1st August 2011
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 2333 meters asl
Plant height: 1.5 meters
Habit/habitat: wild

I think yes

Polygonum alpinum All. is considered as an accpeted name by Tropicos & Flora of China, while GRIN (updated in 2009) considers it as a syn. of Aconogonon alpinum (All.) Schur.
Which one should we consider as correct.

In my opinion, Aconogonon alpinum (All.) Schur.

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Pangi id al140911a:
More flowers from Pangi,
Location Pangi valley
Altitude 2700mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 3 feet

wild wild wild guess some Filipendula? German name “Mädesüß
grows in shady places near water. Don’t know, if found in India high altitudes.

some Polygonaceae member for sure. Ancogonum?

I hope Persicaria wallichii (syn: Polygonum polystachyum)

I have lot of confusion in the family Polygonaceae particularly the genus Polygonum, Ancogonum, and Persicaria. If we refer to few contemporary flora of the Himalayan region there are lot of confusion.
Flora of Bhutan, Flora of China and our other Indian floras from the region, there are lot name changes, mereger etc. etc. Do we have any good and recent revision of the family?

Seeing the recent trend it is ideal to follow Polygonum, Persicaria, Bistorta, Aconogonon as distinct genera as done in eFlora of Pakistan. For names GRIN should be helpful.

I think this appears more closer to images and details at Koenigia alpina (All.) T.M.Schust. & Reveal rather than those at Koenigia polystachya (Wall. ex Meisn.) T. M. Schust. & Reveal


Polygonaceae Fortnight: Persicaria wallichii from Kashmirr-GSMAY48 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 3 correct images as above.
Persicaria wallichii Greuter and Burdet
syn: Polygonum polystachum Wall. ex Meisn; Acocogonum polystachyum (Wall. ex Meisn) M. Kral
Photographed from below Gulmarg in Kashmir.

Thanks Sir, I think this is very fast spreading and noxious weed..
The last picture in this mail got attached inadvertently..

Yes … Last picture is coccoloba herbarium sheet

I think this appears more closer to images and details at Koenigia alpina (All.) T.M.Schust. & Reveal rather than those at Koenigia polystachya (Wall. ex Meisn.) T. M. Schust. & Reveal