Common name: Elegant Smilax
N. Pakistan to SC. China as per WCSP;
Assam; East Himalaya; Myanmar; Nepal; Pakistan; Tibet; West Himalaya as per Catalogue of Life;


Plant with female flowers




Plant with male flowers



Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)- around 700 kb each.

Location: Chandragiri, Kathmandu, Nepal
Altitude: 2511 m.
Date: 27 May 2019

Habit : Wild

Wonderful to see both female and male flowers.

But appears to have been taken at some gap as per image numbers.

Thank you … Just a couple of feet away.

SK283DEC29-2016:ID : 13 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (7)
Location: Nagarkot, Nepal 
Altitude: 7000 ft.
Date: 28 December 2016

Is it some Smilax

Smilax species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)

Nice images, check list of Nepal plants will help.

Where to check ? Which sp? Any clue ?

Smilax glyciphylla Sm. (accepted name)  ??

But not listed in Nepal.
Smilax elegans subsp. elegans (accepted name) ???
Smilax glaucophylla Klotzsch (synonym)




31 January 2017

Same location !

Attachments (3)

Pl. check with Type images at http://www.gbif.org/species/5295161

Thanks, …, for initial id.
To me also appears close to Smilax elegans as per herbarium specimen as below:

I guess Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth (accepted name) is the correct ID.





Location: Nagarkot, Nepal

Altitude:6600 ft.
Date: 20 June 2017

Attachments (8)

Thanks, … for continued observations.

SK1666 22 Dec 2018 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)- 1, 2 & 3 mb.
Location : Chandragiri Hills, Kathmandu, Nepal
Elevation : 2350 m.
Date : 12 December 2018

Habit : Wild

Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth ??

Attachments (3)- 2 mb each.

May be as per images at
This has been verified as Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth  !

Kalatope id Al071212: A creeper for identification from Kalatope
Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 2100mts
Habit creeper/climber
Habitat wild
Season – May

I hope Smilax glaucophylla

Thanks … for posting, we got same from Chakrata recently…

SK1948 26 May 2019 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9)- around 550 kb each.
Location: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur
Date: 16  May 2019
Elevation: 2024 m.

Habit : Wild

Smilax elegans subsp. elegans ??
Smilax glaucophylla Klotzsch  ??

Yes matches with images and details at Smilax elegans and references herein.
Other name mentioned is a synonym.


This has been verified as Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth ssp. elegans !

SK1980 07 June 2019 : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)- around 400 kb each.
Location: Chandragiri, Kathmandu, Nepal
Altitude: 2284 m.
Date: 27 May 2019
Habit : Wild
Smilax elegans subsp. elegans ??
Smilax glaucophylla Klotzsch  ??

Yes. Appears so as per images at Smilax elegans

Are these different??


All are same except the page, which deals with all the subspecies of Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth (i.e. Smilax elegans subsp. elegans, Smilax elegans subsp. osmastonii (F.T.Wang & Tang) Noltie & Smilax elegans subsp. subrecta Noltie)

OK …!

This has been verified as Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth ssp. elegans !


Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth ssp. elegans : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)- 637 kb, 1,2 & 3 mb.  

Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur 
Date: 16 September 2019
Elevation: 2258 m.
Habit : Wild

I guess ID is correct! Opinion from members?

Is there a leach in the 2nd image ?

To me also appears close to images at Smilax elegans

Yes …, 2nd and 4th. Actually it was trying to get to me so extended!


Location : Vanchengpui, Mizoram

Date : 20-11-2015
Habit : Climber

Habitat : Wild

How did you guess …? Has it got distribution in Mizoram ?

What are the species reported ?

There is no Smilax spp. found in the book of Flora of Mizoram vol. I & II.

I think it appears close to Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth as per comparative images at Smilax

SK 2882 March 2021: 5 very high resolution images.

Location: Nagarkot, Nepal  
Date: 26 February 2021
Altitude: 2000m.
Habit : Wild
Smilax!  ????


To me appears close to Smilax wallichii Kunth as per images herein and as per comparative images at Smilax

Smilax elegans subsp. elegans !

Yes, I agree.

I totally missed the grey back side.


Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP  GBIF (with type specimens) Flora of China (Smilax elegans Wallich ex Kunth) FOC illustration  Checklist of Nepal (Smilax elegans Wall. ex Kunth)  Flowers of India  Flora of Pakistan (Smilax glaucophylla Klotzsch) Checklist of Nepal (Smilax glaucophylla Klotzsch)

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