Ulmus villosa Brandis ex Gamble, Man. Ind. Timb. ed. 2: 628 1902. (syn: Ulmus laevigata Royle);
N. Pakistan to W. Himalaya as per POWO;


Ulmus villosa from Kashmir:
Ulmus villosa Brandis ex Gamble, Man. Ind. Timbers ed. 2. 628. 1902.
Syn: Ulmus laevigata Royle
A smaller tree than U. wallichiana with minutely pubescent red branches; vegetative buds less than 2 mm long, obtuse; leaves elliptic to ovate-oblong, up to 10 cm long, base slightly unequal, apex gradually acute to acuminate, lowers surface with glandular hairs, tufts of hairs in nerve axils; uniformly biserate, teeth not coverging; flowers in sessile clusters on short axis, pedicel less than 1 mm; perianth lobes 5, ovate with dentate or laciniate upper margin; samara elliptic, acute, villous
Photographed from Dachhigam and University Botanical Garden in Kashmir


Ulmus wallichiana Planch: 4 high res. images.
Habit: A large tree.
Location: Sangus, Kulgam.

Fruits look different as per images at Ulmus wallichianaPOWOGBIF– specimenFoP illustration.
It is Ulmus villosa as per POWOFoP illustrationGBIF– specimen one and twoWikipedia