DO NOT ID THIS PLANT: Flora Picture of the Year 2011: We were returning from a deep Sahyadri forest with a bag (card) full of images of some rare plants and had lost the track of time, thirst and hunger amidst the amazing plants. It was the noon of scorching summer and we realised that we did not carry any water. We had to trek for another 5 kms to reach the camp where we would get water and food. Looking at our dry faces the local guide asked us if we cared to have a glass full of cool fresh water. We pardoned him for his cruel joke since there was not a drop around. The guide dared our challenge, asked … to be ready for a quick gulp and chopped a branch of a liana just above him. And there came a gush of clean cool fresh water from the cut branch that all of us tasted with content. It was not a life and death situation for us then but we were told that locals may use this source in such a situation. We were thrilled to see the spectacle but felt sorry for the lost limb of the liana. I request members not to ID or ask for the ID of this plant for its security.

very interesting and touching

I know another plant endemic to Andaman that holds more than 1 litre of water. Local people use it at the time of scarcity. Even in Arunachal, I came across some thirst quenchers. But better not to disclose the identity.

These are mine…with similar experience and perhaps same species 🙂

Interesting story! Had a similar experience with one of my lianas. In June 10 was upset to find one of my lianas slashed by possibly an intrusive tribal. Kept a watch on it and found with the onset of the monsoons later that month, the upper stump in July had thrown new roots [as seen in the photographs], but unfortunately they failed to establish contact with the ground and therefore died out. The lower stump however sent out a new shoot and has now grown fairly large.

Instead of Thirst Qquenchers, let us name this plant as Hydrocharitus saviour. …, most readers comment on my photographs as ‘Larger than life’ so that’s also true with … picture here. Thank you
everyone for your appreciation; this has been a mega response on my post ever, otherwise I have been continuously winning the title of ‘Man of the Weak’.