Ephedra gerardiana var. sikkimensis Stapf, Denkschr. Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss., Wien. Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 56(2): 76 1889. (Syn: Ephedra gerardiana var. congesta C.Y.Cheng; Ephedra gerardiana var. saxatilis Stapf; Ephedra saxatilis (Stapf) Royle ex Florin; Ephedra saxatilis var. sikkimensis (Stapf) Florin);




Gori Valley Tour: Ephedra for specification: This uncommon Gymnosperm was shot from near Munsiyari on October 5, 2012 during our recent trip to Gori Valley….can this be E. foliata?

It may not E. foliata.

Only Ephedra gerardiana and Ephedra sexatilis is known from this area. This photo probably is from Kalamuni-Girgaon area of Munsyari. … knows more about the specific status of this population

thanks for sharing this unusual species of a Gymnosperm

Yes … is right, this is Ephedra gerardiana var. sikkimensis Stapf (Syn. E. saxatilis).





GYMNOSPERMS FORTNIGHT :: Ephedra for id from Gori Valley-NS 04 : Attachments (6). 3 posts by 2 authors. 

This beautiful plant was shot from a grassy location in Munsiyari area during our visit to Gori valley…
I can only say this is an Ephedra sp. please help to fix exact id..

Not very sure but looks like E. intermedia.

Perhaps E. intermedia is the right choice.. thank you very much Sir..

This has been identified as Ephedra gerardiana var. sikkimensis Stapf (Syn. E. saxatilis) in another thread.



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