Artemisia annua L., Sp. Pl.: 847 (1753) 847 1753. (Syn: Artemisia chamomilla C.Winkl.);

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Artemisia annua, also known as sweet wormwood, sweet annie, sweet sagewort or annual wormwood (Chinese: 青蒿; pinyin: qīnghāo), is a common type of wormwood native to temperate Asia, but naturalized throughout the world. 

It has fern-like leaves, bright yellow flowers, and a camphor-like scent. Its height averages about 2 m, and the plant has a single stem, alternating branches, and alternating leaves which range from 2.5–5 cm in length. It is cross-pollinated by wind or insects. It is a diploid plant with chromosome number 2n=18.[1][2] 
In 1971, scientists demonstrated the plant extracts had antimalarial activity in primate models, and in 1972, the active ingredient, artemisinin (formerly referred to as arteannuin), was isolated and its chemical structure described. Artemisinin may be extracted using a low boiling point solvent, such as diethylether, and is found in the glandular trichomes of the leaves, stems, and inflorescences, and it is concentrated in the upper portions of plant within new growth.[3] 
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Artemisia annua L. is one of the species of a difficult genus Artemisia L. The genus in India is represented by about 47 species (mainly wild and aromatic).
Artemisia annua is well known for its utility as anti malaria herb and widely cultivated now.
Cultivated plant photographed at Pantnagar.

Artemisia annua L., an important medicinal plant photographed from Hamdard University Herbal Garden in Delhi. 

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I need help. A friends wife is doing research on plant genetic. Now she wants the plant — Artemisia annua and Artemisia vulgaris for her work and she says that it is harvested in December. Where is it available. She wants to buy it and none of us know where it is available. 
I will be grateful for the guidance. 

Regarding Artemisia sp. for research work, Artemisia annua can be procured from CIMAP, Lucknow