efloraofindia:”Id 07072013MR1’’ tree with ? cream colored new leaves at Pune : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.
requesting identification of a tall tree with ?cream colored new leaves to the left of Mira bridge at Pune. there were 2-3 such trees. The trees looked beautiful with the green and cream colored contrast

Looks like an Acacia species. Close ups are required to identify the correct species.

Many thanks … for the Id. The tree is very far off from the road. I will try to get close up if I see the same tree elsewhere

I think some Senegalia species like Senegalia polyacantha (Willd.) Seigler & EbingerSenegalia catechu (L. f.) P. J. H. Hurter & Mabb. or Senegalia ferruginea (DC.) Pedley