Bridelia verrucosa Haines, J. Bot. 59: 189, 193 1921. ;
Bangladesh; East Himalaya; India; Nepal; West Himalaya as per Catalogue of Life;
Pakistan, N. India from Punjab & Himachal Pradesh east to Bihar & Bengal, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan as per Flora of Pakistan;


june15sk16/21 Bridelia retusa (L.) A.Juss. : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).  
Earlier thread

I have seen your earlier post also through the link given by you. Thanks. Please let me know from where you have taken the photographs. Then I can arrive at a conclusion. The characters of the leaves do not agree with Bridelia retusa 

I photographed it in Konnagarh-Nabagram area, a rather rural area adjacent to Delhi road, I was on my way to attend a birthday party. It was almost evening and photographed using flash.
I have noted that number of nerves doesn’t agree, but thought leaves could be young in the collected specimen. My guess, Bridelia stipularis (L.) Blume? I’m attaching one higher resolution of leaf photograph.
Thank you very much for taking care. And please call me by  my name, I am your student here.

Thank you very much …

Since you have asked about Bridelia stipularis, let me clarify one point here. B. stipularis is predominantly a markedly pubescent climber (a few collectors noted it to be a small tree) with large female calyx and larger fruits on the average. There was a doubt raised recently on another post having fruiting materials of B. retusa but with large female calyx. Now, the present photographs are of dried specimens while your earlier post contained photos of fresh material. They will obviously differ in measurements. Whatever measurements we see in literature are based on dried materials, in case of flowers, soaked in water and therefore these measurements are bound to be less that what we actually see and measure in field.

Your photographs do not show any climbing habit and villous parts and so we can rule out B. stipularis.  If you do not mind, I would rather like to assign the name Bridelia verrucosa Haines which seems to be more probable. 
Distribution is as follows:
India: Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh; Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan.

Thank you very much Sir, my guess was simply wild (as you noted, some wrote the taxon as small tree). I wish I could see it one more time. If it still survives I would try to get flowers as well, should be around Nov.-Dec.

Found this small tree in a private property beside a road.
Species : UNKNOWN
H & H : about 15 to 20ft, leaves alternate, sepals possibly ten
Date : 7/1/13
Place : Hooghly

This is a species of Bridelia possibly B.spinosa. My photographs for comparison are available at this link

Thank you very much …, lovely pictures of birds too. And, would you believe that while i was returning today i was thinking this tree is going to be identified by …, i am telling pure truth!

Bridelia verrucosa Haines as per another thread.

Bridellia verrucosa Haines, family Phyllanthaceae.


Bridelia verrucosa Haines is a less common small tree in lower and mid hills of Uttarakhand.
It is much lopped for fodder. I remember a small tree just at the gate of my home which never produced flowers due to regular lopping of new branches (yes, by me !) in my school days.
My mother used to call it “GHAULA” in Garhwali dialect.

The genus is indeed Bridelia but in absence of flowers or fruits I am unable to confirm the identity of the species. However, B. verrucosa is known to occur in Uttarakhand.



PM1 15-12-2018 Id requested.Is it Bridelia sp.?? : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)

presenting few images of a large shrub which looks like some Bridelia sp.
found growing on a small hilltop
locality-  Dehradun (en route Santla mata mandir ~1000m asl)

Most probably  Bridelia ferruginea, an important  medicinal plant.  

We need further details for evaluating whether this is distinct from Bridelia montana

A correction: This is Bridelia verrucosa Haines.

shape of leaves is exactly like B.verrucosa but fruits are matching with B.ferruginea

Sir please clarify 

In that case, I admit that I have no knowledge of the occurrence of that African species in India in wild conditions.

I agree with … as per images and references at Bridelia verrucose



Bridelia sp ID suggestion : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

Please suggest the species name.
Bridelia sp?
Location- Rajgir hills (Bihar)
Date- 9 March 2019

This is similar to Bridelia verrucosa, fairly common on the hilly tracts of Bihar and Jharkhand.


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