Memecylon royenii Blume, Mus. Bot. 1: 360 .;

A species found in only six forest localities in Ratnapura District and
in a single locality in Kalutara District during the extensive forest
surveys conducted for the National Conservation Review.

Native: Sri Lanka



This was shot in lalbagh botanical garden, bangalore on 8th march 2014. The name plate on the tree says its a Memecylon heynearum which i feel is an error. One gentleman confirmed this not to be a heynearum and that this is a Memecylon royenii.
I need more experts to comment on this an confirm the ID whether its a Memecylon royenii? Kindly help me with this regard.

I think it represents Memecylon umbellatum Burm.f.

This is neither M. royenii nor M. heyneanum

Thanks a lot …
Memecylon species is very difficult to identify and there is very less differences between M. umbellatum or M. edule or a M. heyneanum.

I referred to the flora of presidency of madras and also the book by Neginahal but i was unable to narrow down properly. It would be very helpful for me if you could give us the keys based on which you narrowed it down to umbellatum and more so how you came to the conclusion that it is neither royenii and heyneanum.

A reply from Dr Sivu AR, who is a specialist in Memecylon of the Peninsular India:

Memecylon royenii Blume, Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugduno- Batavium 1:360, 1851; Bremer Opera Bot. 50: 19. 1979 and in
Dassanayake & Fosberg, Rev. Handb. Fl. Ceylon 6:221.1987


Identification of Syzygium requested : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).

this Syzygium plant is a small tree, found in E.ghats;
Leaves opposite, 5-8x12cm, flower not seen, fruit about 0.5cm across with a cup like rim of calyx on the fruit; is it Syzygium heyneanum?

This is a Memecylon sp.

I agree with …

Memecylon species so far in efi  

May be Memecylon molestum, flowers not found.
Leaves 3-7×1-2.5, thick,  coreaceous, veins about 7-8 pairs, incipiently visible.fruit 0.3-0.4mm across;
it is a small tree.

it is memecylon royenii


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Thank you …, would you please clarify this
species of memecylon also.

M. royenii



A small tree, seen on 29/7/14 at Lalbagh.

Kindly validate.

This seems to be Memecyclon royenii as per another thread.
(Tree for ID confirmation – Bangalore – Is this Memecylon royenii or heynearum?)
Please confirm.
Looks like the same tree. 

its M. royenii
M. heyneanum is an under shrub pls see attachment. Attachments (1)

Thanks a lot to you for follow up and … for validation of my post and the picture showing the difference.

Supporting …

This is Memecylon royenii as per experts like … and others who had identified and confirmed this.








Please help me in identifying this tree seen along the river course. Is this any Memecylon species?
Height: 10 m
Leaf: 10 cm long
Fruit: 0.7 cm across
Place: Megamalai wls., Theni dist., TN
Alt.: 800 m asl
Date: 01 Oct 2013

Yes quite likely to be Memecylon umbellatum

efi page on Memecylon umbellatum

Yes, it looks like a Memecylon. Without flowers it is not possible to identify it.

M. royenii






Plz id this tree: pa40 – 21nov2012: Plz id this tree from Matheran region. I did not see any flowers and fruits in this one also. Hopefuly it is posible to identify from leaves. Tks.

It looks like Memecylon sp.

I second … that this is Memecylon. The flowering would start soon and I have observed it flowering from January to March end at Matheran. However Matheran is dominated by Anjani trees but the flowering of this beautiful trees is best visible near parking lot, at Dastoori.

Thank you … and … I had posted some photos before and that too … had identified as Memecylon. The bark and size of the leafs was slightly different in this so I thought it is another tree. Thank you very much.

Can it be Memecylon grande Retz. or Memecylon royenii Blume ?

M.royenii Blume




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Found in Jawadhu hills of Eastern ghats. There were huge number of trees.
Habit: Tree with height of around 8 meters.

I think Memecylon umbellatum 

Thanks for your response.

But it is too big.I have seen it only has small woody shrub of around 3 metres.

Also, the leaves are bigger and shape is different.
Please check my other postings of Memecylon umbellatum; the leaves are small and different…

ok sir thank you; please check e flora of india and other keys.

Appears close to images at Memecylon royenii Blume and Memecylon grande Retz.

M.royenii blume

yes it looks like Memecylon royenei


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