IUCN Red List Status: Vulnerable (VU)

Ixora malabarica (Dennst.) Mabb., Taxon 26: 539 (1977). (syn: Chiococca malabarica Dennst.; Ixora lanceolaria Colebr. in W.Roxburgh; Ixora leucantha B.Heyne ex G.Don ; Ixora colebrookii Voigt; Ixora wallichii Wight ex Hook.f.);

by Anurag N Sharma (Id by E S Santhosh Kumar) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Habit- Small trees up to 5 m tall.

Branchlets- Branchlets terete, glabrous.
Leaves- Leaves simple, opposite, decussate; stipules broadly ovate with long subulate apex, interpetiolar, persistent; petiole 0.2-0.5 cm long, planoconvex in cross section, glabrous; lamina 7-16 x 2.5-3.5 cm, lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, apex narrowly acuminate, base obtuse to acute, margin entire, chartaceous, glabrous; midrib raised above; secondary nerves 12-22 pairs, nearly right angle to the midrib; tertiary nerves slender reticulo-percurrent.
Flowers- Inflorescence terminal corymbs, lax; flowers white; pedicel to 0.7 cm long.
Fruit& seed- Berry, nearly globose; seeds 2.  
Undergrowth in evergreen to semi-evergreen forests up to 600 m.
Endemic to the southern Western Ghats- South Sahyadri and north Malabar.
Attributions- B. R. Ramesh, N. Ayyappan, Pierre Grard, Juliana Prosperi, S. Aravajy, Jean Pierre Pascal, The Biotik Team, French Institute of Pondicherry)  




ANNOV09 Ixora malabarica :  3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (9)
Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary
9th November 2014

A shrub growing upto 5 feet tall.
Listed as vulnerable in the IUCN red list.

Nice pictures of Ixora malabarica

Fruits are at this post.




ANMAR50/72 Ixora malabarica : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (9)
Flowers of this species can be found at this post.
Family: Rubiaceae
Date: January 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Shrub

interesting find


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