Terminalia chebula ?;

Tree ID from Bangladesh SM103 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1).
Terminalia chebula ?
Habit: Tree
Habitat: Park

Location: Dhaka

Flowering: June

efi page on Terminalia chebula  

No. Something very different.

Seems to be Teminalia chebula.

Though FoC informs T. chebula Retz. has leaf with 6-12 pairs of lateral veins, yet the veins (visible in one or two leaf) are too widely placed to be T. chebula known to me.

Sorry …, I change my view, this one may be T. chebula Retz. Initially the leaves looked different, but now I think maybe that was due to angle of your shot. Attached here a couple of shots taken today, please compare yours with both young and older leaves. Attachments (4).

Thanks … It is all same

What is so great about Terminalia chebula. Of course, the fruiting materials are needed.


Fruit for Id- ID15022018SH1 : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)

Fruit for Id pl.
Location – Sri Lanka

Date – Jan 2010

Could it be Terminalia bellerica?

Thanks … But are there two different varieties in Terminalia bellirica ? One with globular-round shaped  fruits and another with ovate fruits ? In fact three days back I had posted one image of T.bellirica from SGNP, Mumbai ( Ref- Fruit for Id-ID13022018SH1). This image shows round fruits as against these ovate fruits.

Did you try chebula?

Terminalia chebula fruit has ridges I suppose. This one is not showing ridges. I am confused.

Pl. check at

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