Twiners, root tuberous. Leaves to 11 x 1.5 cm, linear lanceolate, apex apiculate, base obtuse, membranous; petiole 1.5 cm. Cymes axillary; peduncle to 10 cm long; pedicels 1.2 cm long; calyx linear, 3 mm; corolla base inflated, tube 2 cm long, lobes 1.5 cm, lanceolate; corona outer 1 mm, inner spathulate, 2 mm.

Flowering and fruiting: October-December
Moist deciduous forests
Western Ghats (Endemic)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)

509 ID wild plant Ceropegia: 18 high res. images.
Please ID wild plant,
Location: bloomed near Vannappuram Thodupuzha Idukki Kerala INDIA
Altitude: 1500fsl
Flower date: 04DEC2023, 03pm
Habitat: wild moisture evergreen misty sloppy canopied alpine
Plant habit: un branched twining climber, weak slender cylindrical fleshy glabrous stem 03.5mm diameter, perennial
Height: 01 meter
Leaves: opposite elliptic acute soft flexible leathery smooth glossy fleshy, size upto: 10×4cm
Flower: hairy stalking axillary buds, funnel shaped petals, size: 03.5cm height, green with purple spots, non fragrant
Fruit: paired capsule green elongated cylindrical glabrous
Seed: grandpa’s beard

Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x

Ceropegia decaisneana Wight !

Thank you very much for ID my plant. It is very close to C. decaisneana, but it’s beak have a bit difference. Please check collage, right is at Indiabiodiversity portal.

I think it is the same . However, some experts may help.

Thank you very much dear … for the ID confirmation of my plant


Ceropegia decaisneana Wight SN Aug 17 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Ceropegia decaisneana Wight, Asclepiadaceae wild climber from Irpu falls area of coorg, Karnataka

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